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What if there is a disagreement during the transaction? What is dispute resolution?

Once the Seller rejects the returned merchandise/domain(s) on the site (considered the Dispute Date), the Buyer and Seller have 14 calendar days (considered the Negotiation Period) to resolve their dispute.

If the Buyer and Seller have not resolved the dispute within the 14 day Negotiation Period, the Buyer and Seller are provided a second 14 day period (considered the Arbitration Commencement Period). During the 14 day Arbitration Commencement Period, the Buyer and Seller are required to start dispute resolution - an arbitration process administered by arbitrators from American Arbitration Association, JAMS Arbitration, or

If has not received proof of binding arbitration from the Buyer or Seller by the end of the Arbitration Commencement Period, is authorized to close the transaction and refund the Buyer, less any fees.

Please see the General Escrow Instructions section 10. Dispute Resolution for more information.

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