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How IPv4 Transactions Work on

Whether you are buying or selling IPv4s online, you need a secure way to manage the payment and transfer process. This becomes even more important if you are dealing with previously unknown parties. provides you with a safe, secure, verifiable platform, and combines that with a tailor-made process, specifically designed to handle IPv4 block purchases.

Overview of Sales Process for IPv4s

IPv4 transactions on are straightforward and secure. We offer a comprehensive process that gives the Buyer and Seller complete peace of mind.

Here’s a step-by-step overview of how it works.

  • The Buyer and Seller agree to a purchase price on
  • The Buyer submits their payment for the IPv4 block to
  • The Seller completes the verifiable transfer of the IPv4 block
  • The Buyer then confirms receipt of the IPv4 block and accepts it
  • releases payment to the Seller

As one of the world’s most trusted providers of escrow services, we provide a transparent, secure, comprehensive process. We take all of the necessary steps to ensure the legitimacy of the transactions we procure.

The Benefits of Using for IPv4 Sales

Benefits for Buyers

There are plenty of opportunities to buy and Sell IPv4 blocks online. From ISPs, telecoms, and other corporate entities that require more IPv4 addresses. However, the vast majority of IPV4 sales and transfers take place between organizations and individuals who do not know each other. This presents an obvious risk, and this is why so many people choose to help offer certain protections for these types of transactions.

  • The most trusted, licensed online escrow service in the world
  • The funds are securely held in trust until the transfer is complete.
  • Both parties and Whois are verified prior to starting and closing the escrow.
  • Buyers get a smooth, easy online transaction with a fully licensed escrow service.
  • Buyers are protected from non-delivery and promptly refunded in that event, as opposed to having to go through a tedious dispute resolution process.

Benefits for Sellers

Selling IPv4s can be a lucrative business opportunity. That is, as long as you protect yourself from the obvious risks of dealing with unknown Buyers online. IPv4s are sold by individuals, companies, universities, and other organizations that may have an excess of IPv4 address space. The most important part of the process is ensuring you get paid once the addresses have been transferred. Add to this, the fact that on average, a block cannot be transferred for a further two years (depending on the RIR); you quickly see why sellers need to ensure they are dealing with legitimate Buyers.

  • Both parties and Whois are verified prior to starting and closing the escrow.
  • confirms good funds before the Seller starts the transfer process
  • Once the transfer is confirmed, the funds are then released to the Seller.
  • Sellers get a smooth and easy online transaction with a fully licensed escrow service.
  • Sellers are paid in a timely manner, once the addresses are transferred.
  • There is no risk of having a payment recalled arbitrarily.

Regardless of which side of the transaction you are on, can help you get a secure and straightforward transfer process. Vs. Brokers Acting as Escrow Agents

This scenario is common, and when both parties trust or know the broker well enough, they often assume this is the most effective way to handle the transfer and payment for the sale of the IPv4. However, it is not always possible for brokers to legally act as escrow agents, and without the backing that a licensed escrow agent provides, the security of those funds cannot be guaranteed.

Why is using better?

  • We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured escrow company with 20+ years in the business.
  • We are completely neutral in the transaction and look to serve the interests of Buyers and Sellers equally.
  • We offer a safe and smooth transaction process that can be fully managed online.

Aside from brokers acting as escrow agents, you might also find that banks and lawyers offer this service too. Escrow’s tailored IPv4 process is designed for these types of transactions, and we have the correct processes in place to ensure a smooth and easy transaction. Regardless of whether the value of the transaction is small or sizable, our fee structure is competitive, and our platform is highly secure.

We offer peace of mind, transparency, and eliminate many of the typical risks faced when buying and selling IPv4s online.

Getting Started with Is Easy

If you haven’t already registered with us, you can do so now, or if you have any questions about selling IPv4s or our affiliate scheme, you can reach out to our support team for help. Our experienced customer service personnel are here to help. Either call us, send an email to, or contact chat support when they are online.

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