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Secure domain name holding

What is Secure domain name holding?

Our domain name holding service is designed for Buyers and Sellers who agree to hold the domain(s) in escrow while the Buyer makes scheduled payments.

Standard fees

The fee for this service is our standard escrow fee plus a domain holding fee. The holding fee is dependent on the length of the holding period; $40/month if we are managing the DNS and $25/month if the Buyer will manage their own DNS. All contracts will have a minimum holding fee of $150 plus the escrow fee.

Payment schedule change fee

The first payment schedule provided is free. Each request to update the payment schedule will be charged a $250 fee.

Review our agreements

Note: Domain holding service transactions have a term minimum of three months and a maximum of five years.

How Domain Name Holding works

  • Either Buyer or Seller can set up the Domain Holding transaction. receives notification and will contact both parties. If a Broker is involved, the Broker must set up the transaction for all parties. If the parties have a Promissory Note, Asset Agreement or Purchase Agreement, this can be incorporated into the Domain Holding Agreement.
  • sends the Buyer and Seller (and Broker if applicable) the Domain Holding Agreement and asks all parties to review, sign and return.
  • It is the responsibility of the parties to ensure enough time on the domain is in place before the DNH starts. Note that time typically resets on a registrar transfer so this will need to be ensured during the transfer process.
  • Once receives the signed agreement from all parties, we authorize the Buyer to send the first payment and any portion of the escrow fee they agreed to pay.
  • When we receive the first payment, prompts the Seller to transfer the domain(s) to our account.
  • When the domain(s) are received and locked in our account, the parties are notified and the first payment is released to the Seller (and Broker if applicable).
  • receives the scheduled payments from the Buyer and sends them to the Seller (and Broker if applicable) throughout the term of the transaction.
  • When all payments are completed, the domain(s) are transferred to an account for the Buyer (if the transaction involves a domain sale) and the last payment is made to the Seller (and Broker if applicable). If the transaction involves a lease, then the domain(s) would be returned to the Seller at the end of the term.

The Domain Holding Service is where the domain(s) are held in escrow while the buyer makes scheduled payments.

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