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Getting scammed or defrauded when buying or selling goods and/or services online is a serious concern, especially when dealing with unknown and untrusted entities who could very well be located in another state…or country.

A legitimate escrow service, like, can protect you from scam artists, but it helps if you are aware of potentially suspicious behavior that could actually indicate a scam.

How Protects You

When it comes to buying or selling online, is your best option to minimize the risks involved. Buyers are fully protected because will not release funds until the Buyer has received the promised goods or services and accepts the items and/or services after an inspection period. provides complete protection to Sellers by ensuring the Buyer is safe and has sent the funds to Only after completes its verification process will the Seller be informed they may send the items or perform the service. Once fulfilling their end of the agreement, the Seller is guaranteed receipt of the funds.

Our step-by-step process ensures that Buyers and Sellers are protected against scams or fraud. verifies every step of the transaction with highly effective and proven procedures.

To view more information about Buyer, Seller, or Broker protection click here.

Registered, Licensed, and Regulated is a fully licensed and regulated escrow service registered in California. As a licensed and regulated service, we are subject to routine audits conducted by various government bodies.

Thus, when using, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are using a legitimate escrow service that will protect you against fraudulent transactions and scams.

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