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Standard Fee
  1. Buyer and Seller agree to terms
  2. Buyer submits payment to Escrow
  3. Seller delivers goods or service to buyer
  4. Buyer approves goods or services
  5. releases payment to seller's simple 5-step process ensures money transfer and vehicle delivery with every sale.

To make your vehicle sale even easier, we offer time-saving services, such as Lien Payoff and Title Collection; we also recommend companies who can provide vehicle transport.

The benefits of Vehicle Escrow

Both Buyers and Sellers benefit from using as a neutral third party to monitor and transact the exchange of payment and vehicle.

Peace of mind for vehicle Sellers

The Buyer sends the agreed upon payment to After verifying funds, we alert the Seller to send the vehicle to the Buyer. Protected from fraudulent checks and money order scams, the Seller has peace of mind knowing funds are behind the shield.

Confidence for vehicle Buyers

We do not release the money to the Seller until the vehicle has been received and accepted by the Buyer. This provides online car buyers the opportunity to inspect the vehicle before sellers are paid.

See How Vehicle Escrow Works, Step-By-Step

Low fees

The low cost of our secure auto escrow service is paid by the Buyer, the Seller or shared between them.

Vehicle Amount Escrow Fee
$0-$5,000 3.25% ($25.00 minimum)
$5,000.01-$25,000 $162.50 + 0.26% of amount over $5,000
over $25,000 0.89%

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