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What happens if the Buyer is unsatisfied with their merchandise?

If the Buyer is dissatisfied with a transaction, they have the option to “Accept” or “Reject” their merchandise during the Inspection Period.

Rejection Process

  • If the Buyer wants to return their merchandise, they will need to click the "Reject" button on the transaction screen during the Inspection Period.
  • Once rejected, the Buyer needs to contact the Seller directly and determine if the Seller will allow the Buyer to return merchandise.
  • If the Seller agrees, must be notified of the agreement by email at
  • Once notified, will then send amendment emails to both parties and provide further instructions.

If the transaction has multiple items and the Buyer would like a partial return, the Buyer will need to discuss with the Seller the conditions of the returned merchandise and inform After we have been notified of the agreement, we will provide further instructions to make the following changes:

To read more information see General Escrow Instructions Section 5, 6, 7, and 10.

If you need additional support, email at today.

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