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From a website redesign to a complex development project,'s 5 Simple Step payment process can be used to provide protection for both employers and software developers.

Employer fund the full contract amount upfront and Developers receive their milestone payments once each phase of the project is complete. This way both parties can be assured individual project commitments and deadlines are met and payment for them is received.

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The benefits of Software Escrow with us

Both Developers and Employers benefit from using as a neutral third party to monitor and transact the exchange of payment and milestone.

Peace of mind for Developers

Employer sends the agreed upon payment in full to before the phase/milestone is complete. Developers have peace of mind knowing payment is secured behind the shield before the job even begins.

Confidence for Employers does not release payments to the Developer until each phase/milestone has been completed and approved by the Employer. Employers can be certain project commitments will be delivered as agreed upon before payment is released.

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