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Standard Fee is a trusted third-party financial organization that guarantees that your high ticket transactions on Classic Cars will be processed quickly, safely and securely to the satisfaction of all parties involved. For car enthusiasts looking to buy or sell their vehicle online, there’s nothing more exciting than joining the Classic Cars community. This is an amazing online marketplace for trading classic vehicles of every make, model and era.

Classic Cars has a massive inventory of classic cruisers, muscle cars, sports cars and a variety of roadsters from the early twentieth century up to more current models with sporty lines and high-performance motors. The site boasts outstanding online customer service and an ever-expanding database of information for private sellers, buyers, dealers and all-around automotive enthusiasts.

It’s easy to see that Classic Cars has achieved their goal of becoming an automotive one-stop shop for all auto enthusiasts, whether they are simply curious about buying a vintage vehicle or they are already an established collector.

  • Features for buyers - Prospective buyers can use the advanced search feature to search by make, model, options they are looking for or even search by unique categories, such as antique, business coupe or the number of doors the vehicle has.
  • Features for sellers – Sellers get to keep their listings up till their car gets sold. In addition they can also include 100 photographs, a video clip and unlimited text description with each listing. Sellers also enjoy additional exposure via established industry partners.
  • Features for dealers - Dealers will enjoy Classic Cars’ Dealer plan, which includes hundreds of photos they can upload for each vehicle, video listings, showcasing slots and unlimited text descriptions for each vehicle they choose to post and feature on the site.

Using ensures peace of mind with a simple process whether you are a buyer, seller or dealer. Here’s a snapshot of how it works to your benefit.

  • Finalize the price – Both the buyer and seller come to an agreement with regarding the final selling price of the vehicle and any other terms.
  • Agree to other terms and conditions – Once both parties agree on the final price and transaction process gets initiated.
  • Buyer makes payment to Escrow – The buyer deposits the agreed upon amount via
  • Seller is informed about the payment – informs the seller that the buyer has deposited the payment.
  • Buyer inspects and approves the vehicle – Whether the vehicle is travelling to the buyer or vice-versa, the buyer may inspect the vehicle and ensure that it meets the description in every way. If it does, the vehicle is approved.
  • Seller is paid via Escrow – The seller receives payment for the vehicle when both parties are satisfied with the transaction. helps each Classic Cars online purchase take place quickly, safely, and easily with their easy-to-understand terms and conditions and their secure transactions website.’s security is top-notch for providing buyers and sellers with satisfaction and peace of mind. With Classic Cars and Escrow, buyers and sellers can rest assured that all their information is protected and secure.

Don’t just gaze longingly at that cherry-red ’56 Fairlane with the white leather interior. Visit today and see how they can help you turn your automotive dream into a reality.

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