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How does protect me? holds funds while goods move and services are completed. ensures Sellers are paid when they deliver goods or complete agreed upon services, ensuring Buyers receive a refund if goods are not delivered or services rendered. also vets Buyers and Sellers to ensure fraudulent users are removed.

How Buyers are protected:

  • The Seller isn't paid until the Buyer inspects and accepts the merchandise or services or the agreed-upon Inspection Period expires.
  • Full or partial refunds can be issued if there is a problem with the goods or services.
  • verifies delivery of trackable merchandise to the Buyer via online trackable shipping data the Seller provides to

How Sellers are protected:

  • Sellers receive their funds once they deliver the goods or services, the Buyer accepts the goods or services, or the agreed-upon Inspection Period expires.
  • The Seller is notified to ship the merchandise and services once confirms funds have been approved and secured from the Buyer and all anti-fraud regulations have been met.
  • If merchandise has been returned, we verify delivery of trackable merchandise to the Seller via a tracking code or as provided by the Buyer.
  • The Seller is protected from unexpected chargebacks.

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