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Lien Holder Payoff Service $60

Protect yourself when buying or selling a vehicle. Guarantee that the current lien is paid off by having confirm current payoff amount, send title release instructions to the current lien holder and send the payoff check to the lien holder at the close of your transaction.

When is this service ideal?

Our Lien Holder Payoff service is ideal when the vehicle seller still owes money on the vehicle and does not have a clear title.

What do I need?

The Seller needs to complete title release instructions, which will be emailed to the Seller. Note: If this is an international vehicle sale, contact us.

Title Collection Service $60

Guarantee that the title will arrive safely to the Buyer. With's Title Collection Service the Buyer and Seller can guarantee that the title for the vehicle arrives safely. After funds are secured in your vehicle transaction, the Seller sends the signed title to scans the image and sends a copy to the buyer for confirmation. Upon the buyer authorizing payment to the Seller, sends the title to the Buyer via overnight courier.

When is this service ideal?

The Title Collection Service is ideal when the Seller has a clear title to the vehicle.

What do I need?

The Seller must have a clear title and the vehicle must be registered in their name.

Classic Car Insurance

We've partnered with Hagerty®, the global leader in classic car insurance, to provide coverage for our members who appreciate the classics.

Vehicle Transport

uShip, our trusted partner, connects you to a safe and simple online marketplace for shipping services. uShip ensures you get the best price on your vehicle shipping by allowing you to receive competing shipping quotes from multiple vendors without the obligation to accept a quote. Easily compare price and customer reviews to select the service that meets your needs.

When is this service ideal?

Anytime you want to ship a vehicle conveniently, professionally, and affordably.

What do I need?

All you need is to provide some basic information about the vehicle, where it is located and where it is being shipped. Listing your shipment takes a moment and is free with no obligation to select a quote. Visit uShip for a quote.

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