Lotus was founded in 1952 and is a well-known manufacturer of hand-crafted supercars such as the Espirit, Elan, Europa, and Elise models. Today, Lotus manufactures the Evora which is credited to being the fastest Lotus road car of the new millennium thanks to 400 horsepower and a 3.5 liter supercharged V6 engine.

The Lotus Evora 400 offers an aerodynamic package that maintains zero lit but increases downforce at high speeds. It features ultra-lightweight sports seats, leather-trimmed steering wheel with a racing line indicator, and a driving position that conforms to the driver. The majority of Lotus automobiles are intended primarily for track use. However, Lotus has made some of their race cars available in street legal models. The Elise S Cup is the street legal version of the Elise S Cup R and houses all of the same sleek design features. It was designed for car enthusiasts that wanted a car that could easily transition from the open-road to the track.

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