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Standard Fee is an online third party transaction management system trusted by sellers around the globe. It is facilitated by users all over the world who buy and sell goods and services on the Internet and want to ensure that their payments are made and received in a secure environment. is a global service and supports a range of accepted currencies as payment options to ensure that the needs of the consumer are always met no matter where they are in the world.

The currencies which are accepted by to complete a wire transfer are US Dollars (USD), Australian Dollars (AUD), Euros (EUR) and British Pounds (GBP). When a purchaser completes their payment option, they will also select their currency of choice. If this differs to the chosen currency of the seller, this will be reflected in the terms and conditions that are set when both sign up to and each party will have their side of the transaction completed in their chosen currency.

It is important to note when buying or selling that if the bank account of either party is not in US dollars, Australian dollars, Euros or British pounds, there will be charges to convert to the relevant currencies.

If PayPal or Credit Card is chosen as a payment option the accepted currency is US Dollars only. American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are all accepted credit cards and if the main currency of the account holder is anything but US dollars the credit card provider will charge a conversion fee before funds are transferred to an holding account.

If a seller and purchaser agree to complete their transaction by check or money order, the check must be written in US dollars and be drawn from a US bank account. US dollars are the only accepted currency when using to complete an online transaction.

If a purchaser prefers to complete their transaction in Euros, they must complete a wire transfer directly from their bank account as this is the only payment method which supports this currency. If a purchaser selects Euros as their currency of choice but doesn’t have the facility to complete a wire transfer, there isn’t an option through to edit the payment method so the transaction will have to be canceled and re-started.

While currencies from all over the world are used to buy goods and services online the accepted currencies of are primarily US dollars, Australian dollars, Euros and British pounds. It is advised that if the main currency of your bank account is not in US dollars, Australian dollars, Euros or British pounds but you wish to proceed with a transaction either as a purchaser or seller that you check with your bank or credit card company first to confirm their conversion charges. are not able to offer currency conversion as a service, so this is carried out through your primary financial provider. If you would like further clarification on accepted currencies, please contact

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