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Buyer, Seller, & Broker Protection

Conducting high-value transactions with people you don’t know can be a risky proposition, especially when you do it online. As a Buyer, you run the risk of not getting what you paid for. As a Seller, you’re at risk of not being paid, and, as a broker, you’re at risk of being cut out of the deal.

The good news is that there is a solution. provides you with all the protection you need to conduct high-value transactions safely and securely, all while ensuring your peace of mind. Read on to discover how protects you, whether you’re a Buyer, a Seller, or a Broker.

Data Protection Global Protection Dispute Resolution
Your personal and financial information is completely safe because the party involved in the transaction never has access to it, thereby ensuring each transaction is completely secure. also employs cutting-edge encryption to ensure the safety of your transaction throughout the process. can protect you anywhere on the globe. We provide our services in most countries and regions and support four different currencies (USD, AUD, Euros, GBP, CAD), so you can safely buy and/or sell wherever and whenever you need to . If there is a disagreement during the transaction, will freeze the funds and the parties involved in the transaction will enter into a Dispute Process.

Buyer Protection

At, we protect you as a Buyer by ensuring you receive, in full, the goods and/or services you were promised.

Financial Security

We won’t release payment to the Seller until you’ve accepted the goods or until the agreed-upon inspection period has expired.

Peace of Mind

We monitor all transactions, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind since we’re always watching, making sure that you’re completely protected.

Reduced Risk

If you need to engage in long-distance buying to get the goods or services you need, this can often come with its own risks. Even when you’re buying from someone locally, there will still be the element of dealing with an unknown second party for what could be a major financial transaction. Escrow alleviates that risk by providing a robust and trusted payment method that alleviates the risk of dealing with an unknown and unverified entity.

Seller Protection ensures that, as a Seller, you’ll receive your money once you deliver the promised goods and/or services.

Peace of Mind

We keep tabs on the delivery process of merchandise that can be tracked to the Buyer, using the shipping information you provide. So, you’ll be protected against any fraudulent claims from the Buyer.

Reduced Risk

If you need to engage in long-distance selling, you are exposing yourself to certain risks. Even when you sell to a local party, you’re still going to be dealing with someone you don’t know, in most cases. eliminates the risk of selling to an unknown entity through our robust and trusted payment method.

Financial Security verifies all payments. Once we confirm the funds are good, we will inform you that it’s safe to deliver. As the Seller, you’re also protected from any unexpected chargebacks, thereby ensuring that you won’t fall prey to a scam.

Broker Protection provides three-party transaction solutions, ensuring that you, as a broker, can open, manage, and close all your deals with no trouble. Discover what can do for you as a broker and how it all works by checking out our Escrow Services for Brokers page and our Broker Escrow page.

Tailored Broker Service

With’s tailored broker service, you can enjoy peace of mind and the full protection of our cutting-edge payment system. You’ll be able to open, manage, and close all your transactions privately and securely, while ensuring all three parties involved in the deal are protected. ensures that each deal is protected with highly secure software, but also via a process that will ensure your transactions go through as efficiently as possible. At the same time, you’ll be completely protected from any risk of losing your fee.

Financial Security

As a broker, you often have to rely on the good faith of the Buyer and the Seller to ensure that your fee is paid. With, however, you no longer need to be concerned. We enable you to conduct high-value, three-way transactions that minimize the risk of you not receiving what you’re owed.

Peace of Mind monitors transactions from start to finish, ensuring that delivery is made, and the Buyer receives the goods. This way, you’ll not only enjoy peace of mind that both the Buyer and Seller are pleased with the outcome, but that you’ll receive your fee. There is little chance of fraudulent claims from either the Buyer or the Seller, thereby ensuring you, as the broker, are completely protected.

Fraud Prevention protects you against fraudulent users; however, if you feel something isn’t right, please contact us so we may assist you. Please keep in mind, will never ask you for sensitive information via email.

To learn more about the signs of potential fraud, please check out our page on Fraud Prevention.

Additional Support

Whether you’re a Buyer, Seller, or Broker, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our excellent customer support team is standing by to help you with any needs you might have. If you want to learn more about and how we protect you, or need assistance setting up a transaction, we’re here to help with whatever you may need.

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