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Who pays for shipping?

During the agreement of terms, the Buyer and Seller agree as to who will pay for shipping. If the Seller is paying the shipping, the cost does not need to be added to the transaction.

If the Buyer is paying the shipping cost, the Seller can add the cost to the transaction. will collect the shipping cost along with the purchase price and any portion of the escrow fees due from the Buyer. The Seller will initially pay the shipping company directly, at the time of shipment; the Seller will be reimbursed the shipping cost at the close of the transaction. In this case, the Buyer is responsible for the shipping costs even if they reject the merchandise.

If both parties are in agreement, the Buyer can pay the shipping company directly; no shipping cost needs to be added to the transaction.

Please note, in the event the merchandise is received by the Buyer and rejected, the Buyer is always responsible to ship the merchandise back to the Seller at the Buyer's cost.

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