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Purolator is a leading logistics company, providing courier and freight services in Canada. The company offers import services (ideal for supply chain owners for a streamlined management), warehousing services, reverse logistics services and transportation services ensuring prompt delivery, across town or country achieved through rail, road, air and ship. Are you looking for a trusted third-party to protect your transactions when purchasing with Purolator? Paying for your Purolator transaction via Escrow is as easy as accepting the agreement terms and verifying or accepting your payment Escrow is essentially a financial holding tank that keeps money in safe folding as an impartial third party, on behalf of the other two parties involved, until the time the obligations are satisfactorily fulfilled by either party.

Benefits to Purolator as a Partner of Escrow.com

  1. By providing a way for safe and secure online transaction, it offers a satisfactory and reliable payment option online to the customers which by itself is an incentive.
  2. Adds to the integrity of the services offered by Purolator
  3. Ensures that Purolator gets paid promptly for its services once the consignment reaches its destination at the stipulated time, without causing any chance for dispute by the customer.

Here’s how it works:

  • Terms and Agreements - The buyer and seller agree to a given price and the terms of the transaction.
  • Buyer pays Escrow - The buyer then completes the transaction and is taken to the payment area. The buyer can choose Escrow as their preferred payment method for future transactions.
  • Funds are secured - The funds are kept for safekeeping with Escrow.com while the seller completes the transfer process.
  • Merchandise delivery - Following payment verification, the seller will be authorised to deliver the merchandise to the buyer. Escrow.com verfies that the Buyer receives the merchandise.
  • Inspection - The buyer will inspect the merchandise within a limited time frame and will accept if it is of expected quality.
  • Release of funds - The funds are released only after the buyer and seller agree that they are satisfied with the results.

Transparent transactions, excellent support and a reputation for being trustworthy are just some of the reasons why you should consider using Escrow.com. Visit Escrow.com today for your next secure transaction.

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