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Making your payments to Hagerty through can give you much-needed peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a trustworthy online entity that has earned a reputation for protecting both parties in any online transaction. Using Escrow is as easy as accepting their terms of agreement and transferring your funds where it will be held securely till the transaction is considered completed to the satisfaction of all parties.

Buying insurance is a small investment for anyone who owns a classic car. While getting insurance online is often cheaper, working with an online entity can make some people a little comfortable especially when it concerns insuring a high priced item. is an online portal that provides insurance and valuation services for collector vehicles. They provide a range of tools that allow you to find out exactly how much your vehicle is worth and how various changes in the marketplace affect the value of different classic car model.

The company also has an assembled shop that lets you browse through a large range of classic gear and goods. A one-stop for all collector car owners, these experts also deal with motorcycles, boats and other classic vehicles. As most of these are high-ticket items, protecting them with the proper insurance is always advisable.

Check out the many advantages of making payments through Escrow when buying insurance on Hagerty.

  • Buyer and seller agree to a price: Both parties to the transaction first discuss and fix a price before going on to agree to all the other terms. Once all this has been done, the payment process has to be initiated within three days, making the whole process fast and efficient.
  • Payment is made to Escrow manages the funds during the transaction. So the buyer will transfer the money to where it will be held securely. The seller is also relieved knowing that the funds have been transferred by the buyer and are being held securely.
  • Funds are held securely by the third-party: Escrow holds the payment so that neither the buyer nor the seller need to worry about the money being wrongfully handled.
  • Delivery of Merchandise: After the seller has been notified about the payment, the merchandise must be delivered to the buyer.
  • Buyer can Inspect the Merchandise: After the merchandise is delivered, the buyer can inspect it to make sure that all the documentation is in order and in accordance with the terms of the agreement.
  • Escrow releases the funds: After all the verification and inspection is complete and the buyer is satisfied, will release the funds to the seller.

When you subscribe for the insurance you want to ensure that you are doing so securely. By using, you will have the opportunity to verify the services that you are availing before the funds are released to the seller.

Are you looking for a trusted third-party to protect your transaction when purchasing or selling insurance or valuation services? Visit today.

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