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Standard Fee is a trusted third-party financial management service that is dedicated to ensuring that the interests of all parties are protected during any online transaction. Escrow gives you an added layer of security by holding the funds securely till you are satisfied that the services you have ordered have been delivered as per the terms of the agreement.

DomainTools is a popular research service that stores all kinds of Whois records, IP addresses and DNS data. This information is used to provide customers with various interconnected data services. Their vast database has made them the go-to resource for cybercrime investigators and security analysts around the world.

Whether you wish to investigate a threat to your website, get a risk score performed for a particular domain or use the company’s API data services, you can complete all transactions through Escrow. Choosing this mode of payment benefits both parties. It ensures that the buyer only pays if they are satisfied with the services provided and it also ensures that DomainTools gets paid for the services rendered. This minimizes the risk on both sides.

The following steps are involved when you pay for Domain Tools’ services through

  • Discuss your requirements: One of the experts at DomainTools will have an initial discussion to determine your requirements and advise you as to what services will work best for you depending on the circumstances. The cost and other terms will also be discussed.
  • Agree to terms and transfer funds to Escrow: After you have decided to go ahead with the services, you will be taken to the ‘Sale Completion’ page. Here, you can choose as your preferred mode of payment and you transfer the funds either by credit card, internet banking or any other mode that you use.
  • Escrow keeps your funds secure: Escrow informs DomainTools as soon as they receive the funds, which may take a couple of days depending on the financial institution used. Upon receipt of the notification, DomainTools starts working on the assignment. The funds are held securely till the information is delivered and accepted.
  • Inspect and approve of the services rendered: After you receive the report, you will get a short window of time to go through it to ensure that they meet the required standard of quality.
  • Funds are released: If everything is in order and approved, will release the finds to the seller. This ensures that you only pay for services that meet your expectations and also ensure that DomainTools gets paid for services rendered.

Besides offering a completely secure form of transaction, is also known for its excellent support and trustworthy reputation. This makes it an ideal platform for making payments to online companies.

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