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Are you looking for a reliable third-party entity that will ensure your domain sales or acquisition on DomainAgents will proceed seamlessly and safely? Paying for all transactions via will give you that additional sense of security you are looking for.

DomainAgents is a leading domain name negotiation platform and marketplace. The company has been successfully helping their clients purchase and sell domains since 2012. The company has earned an enviable reputation for consistently providing neutral support to buyers and sellers from the beginning of the negotiations right through to the end.

DomainAgents takes the complication out of domain negotiations and purchases so the transactions are not so daunting. Making an offer at this site is simple and virtually stress-free, because the in-house negotiators do all the legwork for you. By paying a small fee to, your business’s domain purchase is safe and secure, which gives everyone involved peace of mind.

This works one of two ways—either with negotiations or with a Buy-It-Now domain name.

Here’s how it works when you make your payment through

  • The buyer purchases a DomainAgents credit: After choosing a domain name, the buyer purchases a DomainAgents credit for $29.95.
  • The offer is made and accepted: The buyer then either begins negotiations or decides to purchase the domain outright at the quoted price. Once the buyer and seller agree on a price, the transaction moves on to the next step.
  • Buyer deposits money via facilitates the process of transferring the domain and money via The money is deducted from the credits purchased before negotiations began.
  • Funds are secured: The buyer’s money is held securely in an account with until the seller completes the transaction.
  • Domain is transferred: Once confirms receipt of the payment, the seller begins the process of transferring the domain name to the buyer.
  • Merchandise is inspected and approved: and the buyer are informed when the process is completed and the domain has been transferred. The buyer ensure everything has been completed as agreed and that the transfer process has gone through.
  • The funds are released: Once the buyer is satisfied, the funds are released to the buyer.

Ease of domain purchases, smooth negotiations and additional security are just a few of the many reasons you should use DomainAgents and for your next corporate or small business domain purchase. makes sure all purchases are fast, secure and satisfactory for all parties involved.

Safe, secure, and professional, you know you can’t go wrong when you choose

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