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Are you looking for a way to secure your transaction when using an autoshipping company? Paying the shipping charges through makes relocating your vehicle more secure than ever before.

When you are looking for a reliable and experienced company to relocate your beloved vehicle, you won’t find a company more highly recommended than DAS Autoshippers. DAS offers auto shipping for almost all types of vehicles, from custom and antique cars, motorcycles, trucks and recreational vehicles to vans, trucks, boats, ATVs and planes. They have the largest and most advanced shipping fleet in the vehicle transport industry and have been moving vehicles nationally and internationally for more than 50 years.

Customers have the choice of open or closed carrier, door-to-door delivery or terminal delivery and a range of other customizable options.

Whether you are moving your vehicle to a different state or even a different country, you can trust DAS to get your vehicle there safely via is an additional security measure you can opt for to ensure that the entire transaction, occurs without any hiccups.

Here’s how it works when you use to get your vehicle relocated with DAS Autoshippers:

  • Provide necessary details: In order to deliver your vehicle safely, punctually and within budget, DAS Autoshippers will need some details from you. Make sure you provide accurate information regarding delivery date and address, who to contact if needed and other details.
  • Choose as the preferred payment method: After you’ve provided all the details and accepted the terms and condition, you will be taken to the payment page. Here you can choose to make the payment via
  • Transfer funds to The interface is user friendly and will prompt you along with options so you can transfer funds using your preferred payment method such as credit card or net banking.
  • Funds are secure: Once the payment has been verified by, which can take a few days depending on payment method used, DAS Autoshippers is informed so they can begin making arrangements to ship your vehicle.
  • Vehicle pick up: Following payment verification and depending on the agreement you have signed with DAS Autoshippers, your vehicle will either be picked up from the designated location or a location that both parties have agreed to.
  • Vehicle is dropped off at destination: Once DAS has possession of the vehicle, they will set about preparing it for shipping, load it onto the transport vehicle and it will be delivered either to your door or at the terminal, depending on the agreement.
  • Release of funds: After you have accepted delivery, you will get some time to inspect the vehicle. will then release the funds to DAS.

With over 50 years of auto transportation experience and a stellar reputation, you can be rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands with DAS Autoshipping. Knowing that you can use to pay the shipping charges gives you that additional peace of mind in knowing that a neutral third party will ensure that the delivery goes through seamlessly. Visit to start your secure transaction today.

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