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Are you looking for a trusted third-party to protect your transactions when buying on Centurica? You can chose as your preferred payment method while transacting with is a trusted third party payment method that ensures safe, secure and fast online transaction. is a highly reputed company that specializes in protecting prospective buyers from bad purchases by providing them with detailed and diligent report about the website they are interested in purchasing. conducts thorough website evaluations that give prospective buyers all the information they need before they make a purchase decision or sign a Letter of Intent to purchase. The company offers two types of assessments:

  • Advanced Web Assessments – These are detailed reports that give buyers a thorough analysis of the website and the business behind it. The information contained in the report lists all potential problems with the site and also provides a market evaluation that helps the buyer make a reasonable offer.
  • Essentials Web Assessments – These are a more economical alternative to the Advanced Assessments and provide prospective buyers with an overview of the crucial information about the website that they are considering purchasing.

Conducting online transactions through minimizes the risk that you will not get what you paid for. Here’s how works when ordering Centurica’s website assessment services:

  • Both parties agree to terms and conditions: Buyer and Seller/Service provider agree to Terms and Conditions with regards to the price, level of service and turnaround time.
  • Buyer initiates payment: Payment is initiated by the buyer after selecting the desired level of service that is offered by
  • Funds are deposited into Buyer has the option to pay by selecting as their preferred payment method for the current and future transactions. Buyer can do this on the “Order Completion” or “Sale Completion” screen.
  • Secure payment by Funds initiated by the buyer will be kept for safekeeping by till the buyer confirms that they are satisfied with the services rendered.
  • Delivery of service: Once confirms receipt the payment, the service provider goes ahead with the assessment and delivers the report to the buyer.
  • Buyer inspects the report: The buyer inspects the report on receipt and confirms that it complies with the terms of the agreement.
  • Funds are released: will release the funds to the seller only after verifying that all parties are satisfied with the transaction. has earned a stellar reputation for being a trustworthy third-party payment distributor. Visit to learn more about its services and how it assures safe and reliable online transactions to its customers.

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