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If you are looking to buy or sell online, you can rest safe in the knowledge that is one of the most trusted and secure escrow services across the globe. treats your security as a number one priority and provide a watertight guarantee that your personal and financial details will never be compromised or put in a vulnerable situation. is fully licensed and endorsed by an escrow organization and is subject to regular government audits which are essential as an independently licensed escrow company. These audits aim to ensure that all funds used to buy and sell goods through are protected and that all financial operations are conducted within the recommended guidelines of pre-determined statutes and regulations.

The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation has the most rigorous auditing process of all government agencies and along with the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions and the Idaho Department of Finance, conducts regular audits on to verify your safety when buying or selling with

Using as a third party during online buying and selling transactions offers the following safety benefits to all users:

Payment details are never revealed to the seller. collects the financial details of the purchaser and stores them within a fully encrypted framework. Due to government audits that a regularly conducted on safety protocols are in place and adhered to which ensures that financial details of all users are never compromised or misused.

The product purchased will be the product received. Unfortunately, it is possible for online sellers to take advantage of the anonymity that the internet provides which increases the risk involved when giving out payment details for merchandise that hasn’t been viewed. Sometimes the product won’t be received as described and in some cases the product may not exist at all and the seller becomes uncontactable once they’ve received their payment. When using the payment is only transferred to the seller once the purchaser has confirmed that they’re satisfied with their item. This ensures that the risk is removed entirely of false or misleading descriptions or not sending an item.

Removes the need for cash: Often online transactions are completed by carrying large amounts of cash around to pay for items, but removes this need entirely. All payments are made with an easy and secure online transaction. Protects personal safety: While it’s used to benefit businesses and across the world, the internet has a sinister side too and meeting strangers to complete an online sales transaction in person carries a large element of risk. It is up to trust alone that the intentions of the buyer or seller are as innocent as they claim but removes the need for any contact once the initial transaction has been finalized.

As online retail continues to boom it is vital to your safety that you engage with to complete any transactions. They are an audited financial body who will keep your financial details secure, provide you with a reassurance of your product and also increase your personal safety when carrying out transactions with strangers.

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