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When a business owner purchases a website the buyer and seller will both benefit from using the services provided by Website escrow works by acting as a third party holding account between the vendor or retailer of the website and the consumer.

Once the purchaser has decided on their website and found a company that has the rights to sell this they will contact to arrange the terms and conditions of the escrow transaction. The consumer and vendor will both agree to the terms and conditions, and the customer will deposit funds using the safe and secure online system provided by where they will remain until the website vendor has met their agreed obligations. Once all of the terms and conditions of the contract have been met by the vendor, the transaction will be finalized, and the funds will be transferred by released by

Using when taking part in a website purchase offers a level of protection to the consumer that doesn’t ordinarily exist in the online trading industry. When purchasing digital items and services online there is little to no protection for the purchaser regarding their security. It’s extremely difficult to verify that a vendor is in fact who they say they are so using the services of to purchase a website ensures that these security measures are put into place and adhered to. also provides the website purchaser with the security that nobody else is using the website name as funds are not released until the consumer is satisfied that all terms and conditions of the transfer and purchase have been met.

There are also many benefits for the vendor too. Once a customer contacts them to advise that they wish to purchase a website they will transfer the funds to a secure online account provided by This shows the customer’s commitment to the sale and ensures that the completion of the sale is guaranteed, and money will most certainly be exchanged.

Using for a website purchase will avoid the issue of having to chase customers for unpaid invoices as the funds will already have been paid into a holding escrow account upfront. Once the transfer of registration of the website has taken place if the customer has any concerns or queries these will be addressed before the funds are released.

By enlisting the services of in the purchase of a website, if there are any disputes or queries throughout the process the escrow agent will be able to resolve these. They will make sure that all terms and conditions drawn up in the initial stages of the negotiation are met and adhered to which will ensure a smooth transaction.

If you are looking to purchase or sell a website online, the services of will provide confidence and security to both parties. They ensure that the purchaser is happy with the transfer and registration of the website before the vendor receives the funds and it guarantees the merchant that the purchase will go ahead, and they will receive the funds once they have fulfilled their contractual obligations.

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