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Making home improvements on any scale usually involves many dealings with various contractors and tradespeople. Even if the contractor has been personally recommended and is known to you, it is important that both the contractor and customer take steps to protect themselves and minimize risk to lose to finances and damage to property by enlisting the services of Escrow.com.

Depending on the size and nature of the home improvements the tradespeople involved in completing the task can include the services of a painter and decorator, electrician, carpet-layer, plumber and plasterer to more high-level engineers and bricklayers if the home improvements are on a larger scale.

Each trade has to rely on each other to complete the home improvements and it’s vital that each contractor has a guarantee of payment and the consumer has a guarantee that the work will be completed to a satisfactory standard no matter what eventualities are faced throughout the process.

Using Escrow.com for home improvements is a simple process that offers multiple benefits to everyone involved.

Once the contractor has been chosen an escrow transaction will be created and terms and conditions written up which both parties must agree to. These can involve anything including an agreed time the work is taken to complete, the standard of the service provided and the amount that will be put into escrow until the job is complete.

Once everybody involved has agreed to the terms the money will be deposited into a holding account where it will remain while the work is carried out. Once the tradesperson has completed their work to an agreed standard and within a specified time frame, escrow will contact the customer to advise that they have upheld their side of the agreement.

The customer will confirm with Escrow.com that the goods or services have been delivered as promised and the funds will be released to the supplier by escrow.

Benefits to the homeowner If you are a homeowner carrying out home improvements, Escrow.com will give you confidence that you will receive a high standard of work in your home without having to pay a contractor in advance.

This will avoid workers in your home who will rush through a job to complete it faster and not necessarily to the best of their ability so they can get paid sooner rather than focus on offering a quality service.

Benefits to the contractor Escrow.com provides contractors with a guarantee that they will get paid for the work that they have committed to completing regardless of whether they get held up by events or the actions of others along the way. A contractor can also ask to receive interim payments as they complete each task so that payments are received throughout the process rather than waiting until the entire job is complete.

Using Escrow.com when carrying out home improvements will offer safety and security to all parties involved, terms and conditions are agreed by both parties from the outset and if any disputes take place during the process an escrow officer will resolve these by referring to those terms and conditions. To minimize risk to finances and security, always use escrow when carrying out home improvements.

For more information on using Escrow.com for your home improvement visit the website or contact the team today.

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