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Escrow is a facility provided by an independent third party company which becomes significant in the event of a domain name purchase transaction taking place. In domain name escrow, once a company has made an offer on a domain name and the seller has agreed to the price and terms and conditions, the agreed cost is placed into a domain name escrow account while both parties fulfill their contractual obligations. This gives security to the buyer that the domain name will become theirs, and it offers security to the seller that the domain name transaction will go ahead.

There are many reasons why domain name escrow is vital, and can provide this service for you today if you are looking to complete an online transaction relating to the purchase of a domain name. In today’s internet age there are many companies at work who do not have your best interests at heart, they are looking to acquire money by often creating illegal and fraudulent transactions. In the online realm, there are often no guarantees that people are who they say they are. Employing the services of is the safest and most secure way to ensure that when undertaking any transactions with somebody that you don’t know, your finances are protected.

Once you have decided to purchase a domain name and enlisted the services of, we will contact the seller advising them that you wish to proceed with the purchase of the domain name. This allows you, the purchaser, to verify that you are the owner of the domain name before sending funds.

Domain name escrow provides a level of security which isn’t assured if you don’t use a third party for this transaction. Their services ensure that your financial details are never put in a vulnerable situation or misused in any way and that you end up with your desired product; your chosen domain name.

Another benefit of using for your domain name purchase is that we provide a level of customer service to help both parties complete the transaction. agents are available to answer questions and queries for both the purchaser and the seller and will provide relevant information on how the transaction is progressing.

The steps involved in the procedure of domain name escrow through are as follows:

  • You (the purchaser) and the domain name seller agree on the terms as set through These conditions will primarily be surrounding the domain name, price and payment details.
  • receives your (the purchaser) payment for ownership of the domain name.
  • The domain name is then transferred to you (the purchaser) ensuring that all conditions of transfer are met.
  • You (the purchaser) will confirm that you now own the domain name which will be verified by
  • will disburse the funds to the seller, and the transaction is complete.

When undertaking the purchase of a domain name, it is vital that you enlist the support of to ensure that your finances are protected, and your transaction proceeds smoothly. This will eliminate any risk to yourself and your company ensuring that all terms and conditions are met as stated in the original contract before money is exchanged.

Contact for further information and to find out about or low rates for online transactions.

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