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Domain Concierge Service

What is the Domain Concierge Service?

Our Domain Concierge Service will hold the domain securely in's registrar account throughout the transaction and ensure safe delivery to the buyer.

Many buyers and sellers prefer the security of an independent third party completing the transfer of the domain on their behalf. Our staff will manage the receipt of both the funds and the domain(s) into's secure accounts, followed by completing the transfer of the domain(s) to the buyer. holds accounts with all major registrars and can usually receive your domain via push.


Fees can be calculated for your Domain Concierge Transaction on our Fee Calculator.

How Domain Concierge Service Works

  • Buyers, Sellers and Brokers can request the Domain Concierge Service when setting up a domain transaction on
  • Once created, will prompt the buyer and seller to agree to the transaction
  • When the transaction has been agreed by all parties, we request the buyer to send funds and the seller to transfer the domain(s) to's secure holding account.
  • When the domain(s) are received in our holding account, will transfer the domain(s) to the buyer's registrar and disburse funds to the seller.
See what our customers are saying :
"I really appreciated using the concierge service, and knowing exactly what was happening with my transaction. Thanks for making the domain name transfer process so painless."
Stephanie A Thompson
Senior Assistant Attorney General, Oregon Department of Justice

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