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Founded in 2003 by Jerome DeWitt, a direct descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte, DeWitt watches are known for their superb craftsmanship, excellent time-keeping and sleek, refined good looks. Are you looking for a safe way to buy and sell Dewitt watches? Fortunately, finding this type of protection is not impossible. All you need to do is register with Conducting online transactions via adds another layer of security between the buyer and seller whether you are using insurance services, commercial real estate lending or commercial banking.

What is is a well-known financial facility that acts as a neutral, third party in transactions between two or more parties. Here’s how it works: Both parties agree to terms and conditions governing the transaction– The buyer and seller register with and create their separate accounts after agreeing to a few terms and conditions. Adequate funds are transferred – The buyer transfers ‘good funds’ into their account, which is then kept in a holding account so that the seller knows for sure that they will receive funding for the delivered item. Tracking is enabled – When the seller packs and dispatches the item, tracking is automatically enabled so that the buyer knows where their item is at any point from the time it is sent out until the time they receive it. Buyer receives & inspects the item – Once the package arrives, the buyer inspects their merchandise to make sure it is all in order. Funds are released – On confirming that they accept the item, releases the funds from the holding account to the seller’s account. Escrow monitors the entire transaction from start to finish and makes sure both parties are satisfied before releasing any funds from one account to another. If a problem occurs, Escrow steps in immediately to resolve the issue and make sure that both buyer and seller are complying with the terms and conditions governing the purchasing process.’s friendly, courteous customer support team makes sure any problems are solved as quickly as possible.

Transactional security is one of the most important considerations when buying or selling expensive items such as Dewitt watches. With by your side, your next watch purchase is sure to be safe and risk-free. Visit for a safe transaction today.

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