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If you’re a world currency collector of paper money and coins, you’ve probably got a passion for exploring cultures and countries as well as sharing the rich history of currency across the ages.

Developing and maintaining a currency portfolio with world banknotes and coins can be a challenge during the transactional side of the buying and selling process and using a platform such as takes the element of risk out of your transactions and provides a safe and monitored environment which protects you from fraudulent collectors and sellers.

Whether you are collecting French Franc, Scottish Pound, Italian Lire, Greek Drachma, Belgian Francs or currency from yesteryear, using a safe and trusted transaction process for payment is essential to protect yourself and your collectibles from wrongdoing.

The process of buying and selling currency safely is very straightforward and offers both parties the reassurance when shipping and exchanging valuable currency across the globe without the fear of the buyer or seller not paying or the goods arriving and not being as described.

The process for the transactions works in the following steps. The buyer or seller agrees to terms for purchase then the buyer submits the payment to Following on from this step, the seller delivers goods to buyer as per delivery agreement and once currency is checked for authenticity, the funds are released and the seller receives payment.

Currency buyers and sellers from around the world enjoy a range of benefits from using the service including small fees, payment protection service, neutral third party payment structure and accredited transaction company to hold and manage the transaction process.

With low commission, safe and secure online transactions and peace of mind — you can buy and sell currency with complete confidence. Whether you’re buying gold, silver or copper coins or paper & plastic bank notes, buying and selling currency through is a sound way to trade your precious currency collection.

Currency lovers can collect world currency and enjoy the culture, traditions, art, education and folklore of countries all over the world. The trading of international paper and plastic bank notes and coin currencies is safe than ever before with

Whether you’re collecting rupee, florins, shillings or any currency from the past thousands of years, buying and selling using has never been safer or easier.

During the process buyers can check the grading of the coins, serial numbers and other distinguishing factors before releasing the funds to the seller, ensure the authenticity of the articles and ensure the collectors sets are as listed in the original selling agreement. makes secure business and consumer transaction management via the web risk-free and safe. Visit for more info and to check out their range of services.

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