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Buying and selling comic books is big business across the globe. Whether you are a fan of Batman, Superman, Western, Fantastic Four, DC Comics, X-Men or even comics from the 1950’s if you’re a comic fan, you’re going to want to ensure your transaction is protected by

As a hobby, comic book collective is highly sought after and has been a popular collector's item since superhero characters came to popular culture in the 1930s.

If you’re not buying and selling comic books face to face, ensuring you safely deliver and receive items in the same condition they were in when they departed can be a challenge.

Services such as provide comic book enthusiasts with a fresh and safe channel to transact when buying and selling comic books through its innovative online payment system.

The process is refreshingly straightforward and efficient and offers both parties the reassurance when shipping and exchanging comics across the globe.

Online transactions are becoming increasingly popular for comic book buying, selling and selling. In fact, services such as provide a platform for these transactions to take place for collectors who are based all over the world.

Receiving preserved collections in individual bags, boxes, acid-free backing boards and specifically made flat storage systems can be a challenge. The system protects buyers and sellers by only releasing funds once the comic books have ben received, checked and viewed by a trained comic book specialist.

Steps for transacting via for comic book buyers and sellers:

  1. Buyer and seller agree to terms for purchase
  2. Buyer submits the payment to
  3. Seller delivers comic books to buyer as per delivery agreement
  4. Buyer receives the goods and checks to validate authenticity of comic books
  5. Both parties confirm they are happy with the purchase
  6. releases the payment

At every step of the way buyers and sellers are protected and can rely on a dedicated online service.

Comic book buyers and sellers can enjoy a range of benefits from using the service including small fees, payment protection service, neutral third party payment structure and accredited transaction company to hold and manage the transaction process.

Reduce the fear and risk of fraud the next time you sell your comic book collection online by using and buy with confidence.

With low commission, safe and secure online transactions and peace of mind — you can buy and sell comic books with confidence like never before. Tap into a world of comic book lovers and share your collection via your online contacts by using an online transaction system that protects both the buyer and the seller like never before.

Whether you’re collecting comics from the golden age right through to the modern age, ensuring your coveted collection is protected during the buying and selling process provides peace of mind and allows you to broaden the scope of your marketplace across the globe. makes secure business and consumer transaction management via the web risk-free and safe. Visit for more info and to check out their range of services.

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