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How to buy or sell collectables safely with Collections vary from person to person, and there is no limit to what they can be made up of, how they are displayed and the motive for collection. The old saying goes that if something exists, someone has a collection of it! Common items that people collect are stamps, artwork, antiques, coins and furniture. For many, having a collection of something is nothing more than a childhood hobby, but if this hobby continues into adulthood there is every chance that there are high value, extremely specialized items in the collection or waiting to be bought to be added to the collection!

No matter what the collectable item of choice, there is no doubt that the current Internet age provides a gateway to avenues which provides much easier access to buy and sell in the collectable area of interest. When carrying out online financial transactions for items which are to be added to somebody’s collection and, therefore will often have a high value, it is vital that a third party company such as is used to provide a service which promotes the safety of both the buyer and seller.

When using to complete an online financial transaction for collectables the safety to both the buyer and seller is of paramount importance for differing reasons.

From the Buyer’s perspective: Once the buyer has committed to purchase their collectable item, they will enlist the services of, who will draw up terms and conditions which are to be agreed by both parties. These terms and conditions surround the delivery and value of the collectables and will specify a period which the purchaser has to view and verify the item before purchase is made. When both parties have agreed to these terms and conditions, the purchaser transfers their money to a holding account held by where it will wait to remain until the seller has sent the item and the buyer is satisfied with it.

If the collectable item is received in any other condition than that stated at the time, the transaction was completed a dispute can be opened and an representative will settle this with the terms and conditions of both parties being referred to. Funds will not be released to the seller until the buyer is completely happy with their purchase ensuring the financial safety of the buyer at all times.

From the Seller’s perspective: Once the services of have been enlisted, and the funds transferred the seller must dispatch the collectable item. They do this with complete confidence that their funds will be released once the buyer has received their item, this removes all chance of non-payment, and because the delivery is tracked completely through, there is no threat that the buyer will say they haven’t received the item.

The third party services of are designed to provide complete safety to both buyers and sellers who are undertaking online transactions of collectable items. No money changes hands between the two parties until all terms and conditions of the sale have been met meaning that there is no risk to the buyer of not receiving their item and no risk to the seller of not receiving payment.

If you are looking to undertake an online transaction of a collectable item contact today to ensure that your safety needs are met at all times.

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