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How to buy or sell antiques safely with Whether your passion is for clocks, furniture, jewelry, candlesticks or any of the other countless collectable antique items that are available, there is no doubt that the internet provides easy access for buying and selling antiques.

With collectors across the world having access to forums, chat rooms, and online retail opportunities it is no wonder that people are taking to the Internet in their droves to find the missing pieces of their antique puzzles. provides a safe and secure third party facility which allows buyers and sellers of antiques to complete their financial transactions while never compromising on their safety. With the value of antique transactions varying in monetary value there are some ways that will keep you safe during an online antique sale:

If you have committed to purchasing an antique item, it is important that your financial information is never compromised. Once you have pledged that you will buy the antique, you will make your transaction directly to, who will hold your money until you have received and are satisfied with your antique.

The transaction system is completely encrypted making it impossible for anyone to gain access to your bank details or credit card number. It is important that to promote complete financial safety at all times; payment details are never given to anyone who doesn’t have a completely encrypted system such as that used by are regularly audited by government bodies to ensure that they are operating within defined government protocols and that at no time are the financial details of purchasers ever put at risk.

While there is no hard and fast rule, generally anything that’s over 100 years old is labeled as an antique if there are two identical items but one is brand new and the other 100 years or more, the latter will be the one with the higher price tag.

As experts in the arena, antique collectors and dealers will know what to look for to confirm that the relevant item is, in fact, an antique. When buying and selling antiques online there is less of a guarantee due to sophisticated replica techniques in place by people who understand and are looking to capitalize on the value of antiques. removes the risk of a purchaser paying for an item labeled as an antique that’s not as authentic as it has been stated.

Once the antique has been sent by the seller, the purchaser must verify that it has been received in the condition stated, that the item is genuine and that the description was valid. have a range of antique valuation partners who can provide a purchaser with confirmation of the validity of their item. provide an inspection period for these checks to take place before funds are released to the seller. provides maximum safety and security for anyone buying or selling antiques online. Not only are credit card and payment details transferred within a fully encrypted system, but can also provide a verification service to ensure that the antiques bought and sold are genuine and worth the value that has been paid for them.

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