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What is the Title Collection Service?

By using the Title Collection Service, the Buyer and Seller can guarantee that the title for the vehicle arrives safely to the Buyer after the purchase; or is returned safely to the Seller if the Buyer decides not to complete the vehicle purchase.

After funds are secured in your vehicle transaction and the Title Collection Service has been requested, requests the Seller send the signed title to Upon receipt, color scans the front and back of the title and sends a copy to the Buyer for confirmation. When the Buyer authorizes payment to the Seller, sends the title to the Buyer via next business day courier. If for some reason the Buyer and Seller agree that the Buyer will not be purchasing the vehicle, the title is returned to the Seller via next business day courier.

Please note that does not validate the title; this is only a collection of the title.

For any questions, contact Customer Support toll-free at 888-511-8600.

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