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Can I send multiple payments for one transaction?

With approval from, you may send multiple wires for one transaction. Please contact our customer support department at to set this up.

Multiple payment guidelines:
  • Generally, multiple wires can only come from one source.
  • If funds come from multiple sources, the additional sources will need to complete identity verification or company verification. The Buyer will need to provide evidence of a relationship between the parties, and obtain approval from
  • Buyers are responsible for paying the payment processing fees on all wires sent. (i.e., the amount received by must be equal to the transaction amount).
Possible payment shortage:
  • If multiple payments result in an overall payment shortage for a transaction, the Seller will not be notified to deliver, ship, or transfer the merchandise or services to the Buyer until the shortage has been sent to

This option is not available with credit card or PayPal payments.

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