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How to transfer a domain into your NameCheap account using Change Ownership

To transfer a domain into your NameCheap account, you will need to perform a Change Ownership. This moves ownership of the domain name from one NameCheap account to another.

If the domain is held by a different registrar, you will need to perform a domain transfer using an Authorization Code instead. Check out our guide to find out how to receive an Authorization Code domain transfer into your Namecheap account.

To start a Change Ownership, seller must initiate the process from their Namcheaap account dashboard. To begin, they will need the details of the email that your account is registered with.

How to find out your Namecheap account information

  1. To check the email address your account is registered in, click the icon in the top left or click Profile in the sidenav

After supplying your email address to the seller, they can initiate the Change Ownership. You will need to accept the domain name into your Namecheap account. There are two ways to accept the domain:

Learn how to initiate a change ownership.

How to accept a Change Ownership Transfer automatically

  1. Login to your NameCheap account.
  2. Select Profile then Security from the sidenav.
  3. In Recovery and Alerts > Incoming Invitations, click Edit
  4. In Automatically Accept Invitations, ensure To accept ownership of domains is ticked, then click Save Changes

Turning this feature on will improve the time between when the Change Ownership is initiated and when the domain appears in your account. If the Change Ownership was initiated before you set this setting on, you must accept the domain name through your email.

How to accept a Change Ownership Transfer by email

  1. Once the other party has initiated the Change Ownership, you will receive an email from NameCheap with the details of the domain transfer.
  2. Click the specified link in the email to accept the invitation.
  3. You will be taken to a page to confirm the domain push into your account. Click Accept.
  4. Your domain name should be viewable on your Dashboard or in your Domain List

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