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How to transfer a domain out of your Enom account using Push a Domain

To transfer a domain from your Enom account to another Enom account, you will need to perform a Push a Domain. This moves ownership of the domain name from one Enom account to another. Make sure you only do so after you have been instructed to do so by, when the funds are secured in our

If the buyer is receiving the domain into an account held in a different registrar, you will need to perform a domain transfer using an Authorization Code instead. Check out our guide to find out how to initiate an Authorization Code domain transfer into your Enom account.

Before you can start the Push a Domain, you will the Login ID of the buyer. Find out how to get your Login ID

How to initiate a Push a Domain

Once you have the Login ID of the buyer, you can initiate the Push a Domain from the Enom dashboard.

  1. Log in to your Enom account
  2. On the Enom dashboard page, select Registered Domains from Domain Manager section
  3. Click on the domain you are transferring
  4. Click on General Settings
  5. In the Push Domains window, enter the full domain name you are transferring, the Login ID of the account you are transferring to and select Push with Domain for contact information (the receiving party can change the details at a later date). Then click Push Domains.

After you have initiated the Push a Domain, the domain will be available in the buyers account and they will receive and email to confirm the transfer. In some cases, the domain may take up to 7 days to transfer.

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