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What are the best practices when submitting a Proof of Address as an individual?

  • Any document submitted must show your current legal name and current address. This is needed to ensure legitimacy of your location. If you go by a nickname on your profile, please ensure the address document shows your full legal name.
  • Documents cannot be expired. We cannot ‘ok’ a verification with any sort of expired document. Our internal guidelines are:
    • 3 months for utility bills
    • 3 months for banking statements
    • Non expired Residence ID, Driving License, or Residence Permit (at least 3 months from the expiration date)
    • Leasing/Rental agreement or contract for place of residence (at least 1 year)
    • Tax document (at least 1 year)
  • What are common examples of other documents:
    • Phone bill
    • Mortgage statement
    • Other type of tax statement
      • Possible other type of bill that is sent to the home - this would be on a case by case basis and escalated to the compliance team
  • Your individual address must be your place of residence. If you want to proceed with a transaction with a company address, please see company guidelines here.

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