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Are international wire transfers charged any extra fees when sent to

US Dollar Transactions

Yes, charges the escrow fee calculated on the fee calculator page and an additional $25.00 to cover intermediary bank fees. This additional $25.00 is added anytime a buyer selects the wire transfer option when they are located outside the United States, regardless of which party is paying the escrow fee. This fee will be correctly displayed on the transaction detail screen. When sending a wire to from outside the United States, please note that the funds may pass through an intermediary bank. The intermediary banks charge a fee from the wire they process. This fee can vary from $10 to $20 US Dollars. By charging an additional $25.00 fee, absorbs the shortage in our escrow fee, therefore eliminating any delay in approving funds.

EURO Transactions

No additional fees are added to the wire transfer payment option regardless of the buyers location.

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