About and Motors

Escrow.com is proud to partner with eBay Motors, a popular marketplace that focuses on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. Escrow.com is a licensed and regulated online escrow service recommended by eBay to protect Buyers and Sellers during their transaction. As a third-party financial organization, Escrow.com ensures that your transactions on eBay Motors will be processed quickly, safely, and securely.

Why use Escrow.com to buy your next car?

As a fully licensed and accredited escrow company, Escrow.com gives you security and peace of mind when you buy your vehicle. It's simple, safe and protects all parties involved.

  • Avoid Scams

    As a licensed online escrow service we are a trusted third party who holds the fund during the Vehicle transaction. Instructions are provided securely through our secure online portal.

  • Inspect Before You Release Funds

    Buyers get to inspect the vehicle before accepting. Escrow.com protects sellers, too, with no chargebacks, ever.

  • Identity of Buyer and Seller Verified

    When making the transaction, the buyer and seller profile are verified to ensure both parties are protected during the transaction.

How it works

  • Purchase

    The Buyer purchases the vehicle through eBay Motors, selecting the Escrow.com payment method.

  • Buyer Pays

    The Buyer sends a payment to Escrow and deposits the amount via Escrow.com. Escrow.com then verifies the payment and notifies the Seller.

  • Shipping

    After payment verification, Escrow.com notifies the Seller to send the vehicle and tracking information to the Buyer.

  • Inspection

    The Buyer inspects the vehicle and has 2 days to accept or reject the vehicle.

  • Seller Paid

    The seller is paid via Escrow and receives the payment when both parties are satisfied with the transaction.

What’s Escrow.com and why do I have to handle the payment with them?

eBay and Escrow.com partnered in 2020. Escrow.com is a third party payment provider and was the first company to make escrow services available online, leading the way in safe, reliable and trustworthy escrow services for Buyers and Sellers.

Buyer funds are held ‘In Escrow’ during the transaction until the vehicle is delivered. This period of money held ‘In Escrow’ is crucial to ensure buyer and seller security. Payment will only be moved out of escrow when both parties are satisfied that the transaction has been carried out correctly.

What’s the Escrow.com process?

If Escrow.com is selected as a payment option, Buyers and Sellers are prompted to create an account on Escrow.com in order to send and receive payments for vehicles sold. If you already have an Escrow.com account, it will link to your eBay account so long as your email address is the same on both accounts. The Buyer funds an account managed by Escrow.com via wire transfer or ACH. Escrow.com holds the funds as a neutral intermediary and the funds are released to the Seller when the item is received by the Buyer in the condition described in the listing. Click here to learn more about how Escrow.com works.

What should I do if I’m already registered with Escrow.com but with a different email address?

Simply send an email to support@escrow.com using your email address currently in the Escrow.com transaction indicating you wish to switch to your already registered email address. We’ll process the change, no need to create a new transaction for this.

What does it mean that Escrow.com received payment and is “securing funds”?

This status of the Escrow.com transaction means that Escrow.com has received the Buyer’s funds but there’s an outstanding action that needs to be taken before Escrow.com can secure the funds and allow the transaction to move forward. An email notification will be sent to the appropriate party indicating the action to be taken (e.g. complete Escrow.com account verification).

What’s Escrow.com’s dispute process?

A Dispute is initiated when the Buyer returns merchandise to the Seller and the Seller rejects the merchandise. If a Dispute is raised during a transaction, all parties involved in the transaction will be advised to exercise a 14-day Negotiation Period, or they can contact a third-party arbitrator to solve the dispute. We recommend using arbitrators from the American Arbitration Association, JAMS Arbitration, or net-ARB.com. For more information about Dispute Resolution see General Escrow Instructions Section 10.

Can I modify the transaction terms after it has been created?

Yes. To do this, simply send an email to support@escrow.com with the necessary changes you need to make to the transaction. Keep in mind that some changes need confirmation from both Buyer and Seller.

How do I cancel the transaction?

To cancel a transaction you will need to send an email to support@escrow.com using your email address currently in the Escrow.com transaction indicating you wish to cancel. If the vehicle hasn’t been delivered, we will cancel after both parties have confirmed. If the vehicle has already been delivered, the transaction will need to follow the return process.

What is Escrow.com’s Title Collection Service?

Guarantee that the title will arrive safely to the Buyer with Escrow.com's Title Collection Service. After funds are secured in your vehicle transaction, the Seller sends the signed title to Escrow.com. Escrow.com scans the image and sends a copy to the buyer for confirmation. Upon the buyer authorizing payment to the Seller, Escrow.com sends the title to the Buyer via overnight courier. To upgrade, simply send an email to support@escrow.com using your email address currently in the Escrow.com transaction. We will need both parties to agree before upgrading. For more information on Escrow.com’s Title Collection Service click here.

What is Escrow.com’s Lien Holder Payoff Service?

Guarantee that the current lien is paid off by having Escrow.com confirm current payoff amount, send title release instructions to the current lien holder and send the payoff check to the lien holder at the close of your Escrow.com transaction. To upgrade, simply send an email to support@escrow.com using your email address currently in the Escrow.com transaction. We will need both parties to agree before upgrading. For more information on Escrow.com’s Lien Holder Payoff Service click here.

How do I get verified in Escrow.com?

Verify your Escrow.com account in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to Escrow.com/verify to complete your profile.
  2. Verify your personal details by providing your government-issued ID verification number or uploading a photo of your ID (back and front). If your address is not visible here, please upload a utility bill or bank statement in your name (issued within the last 3 months) as proof of address.
  3. If you are transacting as a company, please verify your company details by submitting your certificate of incorporation (or other proof of company registration).

For more information on Escrow.com’s KYC process click here.

Who pays for shipping?

The Buyer pays for shipping when the transaction is first created as per eBay policy. But this can be modified if both parties agree. If the Buyer pays, they need to provide the shipping information to the Seller so they can update the Escrow transaction with it.

Who do I contact if I am having issues with my Escrow.com transaction and/or account?

If there are any issues contact Escrow.com’s customer support department through phone support, email at support@escrow.com, or chat support at www.escrow.com.

Escrow.com’s live phone support is available Monday-Friday, 8am to 11pm, Pacific.

  • USA and Canada (Toll Free): 888-511-8600
  • Other Countries: +1-415-801-2270

eBay phone support is available Monday-Friday 7am to 6pm MST

  • USA 866 - 322-9227
How is the Seller protected?

The Seller is notified to ship the vehicle after Escrow.com verifies the Buyer's funds. After the Seller provides their tracking information, Escrow.com verifies the delivery of a trackable vehicle to the Buyer. Escrow.com ensures that the Seller receives their funds once the vehicle is delivered to the Buyer. The Seller is also protected from any unexpected chargebacks.

What happens if the Buyer rejects the vehicle?

If the Buyer wants to return their vehicle, they will need to click the "Reject" button on the transaction screen during the Inspection Period. Once rejected, the Buyer needs to contact the Seller directly and determine if the Seller will allow the Buyer to return the vehicle. If the Seller agrees, Escrow.com must be notified of the agreement by email at support@escrow.com. The Buyer agrees to promptly ship goods to Seller within 10 calendar days of formal rejection and insure, at Buyer's expense, the vehicle to the place designated by the Seller in the Seller's profile. The Buyer will be responsible for shipping damage if insurance is not purchased. The Buyer is aware that the vehicle must be rejected in the manner described in order to obtain a refund of the purchase price. Buyer’s failure to return the vehicle within 10 calendar days, will cause Escrow.com to automatically pay the Seller the purchase price. For more information on the return process click here.

When will I receive my payment?

Once the vehicle has been inspected and accepted by the Buyer, funds are typically released and received into your bank account within 1 business day via wire transfer and within 3 business days via ACH. More precise timing depends on your financial institution. For more information about Escrow.com’s payment process click here.

How is the Buyer protected?

Without Escrow.com, the Buyer would be at risk of losing all their funds. The Buyer is given the opportunity to inspect the vehicle before Escrow.com releases the funds to the Seller. The Seller isn't paid until the Buyer accepts the vehicle, or the agreed-upon inspection period expires. If there is an issue with your purchase, you can return the vehicle to the Seller and have your funds returned to you from your escrow account subject to the terms of the General Escrow Instructions.

Can the Buyer pick up the vehicle at the Seller’s location and still use Escrow.com?

Yes. To do this, the Seller will need to update the Escrow transaction indicating the vehicle has been shipped so that the Buyer can mark it as “received” once they have inspected the vehicle and then as “accepted” before leaving with the vehicle. This can all be done on Escrow.com’s website using your smartphone!

What is the Inspection Period, when does it start, and how long does it last?

The Inspection Period is the time the Buyer has to inspect and accept or reject the vehicle. The Inspection Period lasts up to 2 calendar days by default but it can be modified if agreed upon by both Buyer and Seller. The Inspection Period begins when the Buyer marks the vehicle as “Received” or when Escrow.com verifies or receives confirmation that the vehicle is in possession of the Buyer. The Inspection Period ends when the Buyer either Accepts the merchandise, Rejects the merchandise, or the Inspection Period expires. For more information about Escrow.com’s Inspection Period click here.

How do I pay the Seller?

To pay the Seller, after the Buyer has inspected the vehicle, they will need to mark it as “Accepted” on Escrow.com.

How can I pay through Escrow.com?

Simply select Escrow.com on the eBay item page and follow the instructions. You may pay with PayPal or Credit Card, ACH debit or wire transfer. For more information on Escrow.com’s payment options click here.

When will Escrow.com receive my payment?

Wire transfers, PayPal and Credit Card payments are processed within 1 business day. ACH debit is processed within 2 business days.