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Every road has a story, and for every vision there is a beam of hope. For America's service members, their journey begins with optimism and courage, yet for so many it ends in despair. In 2003 the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund was established to help these heroes realize that hope does exist. Since its inception, the Semper Fi Fund has transformed the lives of over 8,300 services members, providing immediate financial support to the critically ill and wounded who have sacrificed while serving to defend and protect their homeland. These acts of valor provided by our "freedom fighters" are monumental to the independence of our country; for David Hanna, Brandon Abbey and Fred Morgan, the cardinal virtues bestowed upon America by these individuals is received as a sacrifice which can never be wholly repaid.

Last year Hanna, Abbey and Morgan united to create an opportunity to raise money and give back to those whom have given so much. On November 19th, 2012 they hosted the 1st Annual Semper Fi/America's Fund Golf Tournament to benefit the Injured Marine Semper Fi and America's Fund. The response received from this event exceeded fundraising expectations, especially those of the beneficiaries. Nearly 200 golfers were in attendance along with approximately 30 sponsors helping to raise $120,000.

"I am honored to be a part of a community where we have cultivated a sincere spirit of giving. We step up when people are in need, and last year we were able to change someone's life forever. I feel that it is so very important to show our support to the individuals that selflessly serve in our nation's armed forces - and the response & support that we received from our neighbors and community was truly remarkable." says Dave Hanna, owner of Hanna's Restaurant & Bar.

Inspired by the overwhelming response & support received for the cause, the trio elected to continue their goodwill efforts by establishing Orange County Supports Our Troops (OCSOT), a charitable organization dedicated to creating fundraising efforts to benefit the needs of the local military community. In early 2013, OCSOT was granted official non-profit 501c3 status and is currently the active facilitator for Orange County's annual Semper Fi/America's Fund Golf Tournament.

With November quickly approaching, OCSOT is gearing up for yet another opportunity to give back to America's heroes as they host the 2nd Annual Semper Fi/America's Fund Golf Tournament on Monday, November 11th at the Coto De Caza Golf & Racquet Club. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to share this event on a day that is truly apropos to the heart and soul of our mission." says's President Brandon Abbey about hosting this year's event on Veteran's Day.

Event organizers are currently accepting player registrations as well as event sponsorships, in kind donations, and any other contributions or assistance to benefit this remarkable cause. OCSOT hopes to, with the support and assistance of the community, once again make a difference for hundreds of America's heroes that are in need of relief and resources. To learn more please visit

Contact: David Hanna or Michele Fox

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