ICA and Escrow.com aim to protect everyone involved in the domain industry

Orange County, CA November 5, 2012

Escrow.com, the world's leading Internet escrow company, continues to take a stance on protecting Internet commerce and the domain name industry and marketplace by recently supporting leading Internet trade organizations such as the Internet Commerce Association (ICA). The ICA is made up of responsible businesses and individuals who have joined together to improve public confidence in Internet commerce and the domaining sector.

Since 2006, the ICA has brought together a diverse group of individuals and companies that own, buy, sell and develop domain names, the backbone to anyone's online presence. The ICA promotes the value and benefits of online business by advocating for laws and policy that respect and protect the interests of domain registrants and the companies that provide them with essential services. ICA maintains an active presence in Washington, DC and is an influential participant in ICANN policymaking. Earlier this year ICA helped stop the controversial SOPA legislation and was the only trade group to advise Congress that the bill's trademark-related provisions would have an unfair and devastating impact on such domain-related sectors as registrars, secondary markets and auctions, and parking and development services. ICA is currently actively involved in assuring that new ICANN-mandated rights protection measures maintain a reasonable balance between registrants and trademark owners and preserve essential registrant due process rights, and will be weighing in with the US government as it conducts an extended review of the .com registry agreement's pricing provisions.

"Sponsoring organizations like the ICA is a natural fit for us." said Brandon Abbey, President and Managing Director at Escrow.com. "We've been involved in domain transactions since our origination and we look forward to working with the ICA, and its Members, for many years to come. It has become clear that the ICA plays a unique and essential role in protecting the value of domain portfolios and the rights of everyone involved in the domain industry." Philip Corwin, Counsel to the ICA, says, "It would be impossible to perform my work on behalf of the domain industry without strong support from its leading participants. I am delighted that Escrow.com has decided to back our efforts and make its customers aware of the vital role we play in defending domain portfolio valuations and the overall industry."

Escrow.com offers a variety of services for the domain name industry, these include;

  • Domain Name Escrow Service By acting as a trusted third party that safely holds a Buyer's payment in a trust account until the entire transaction is complete. Buyers can be confident the domain will be registered in their name and Sellers can be sure they'll be paid. Allows domainers to buy and sell domains without the fear of fraud.
  • Domain Name Holding Service Designed for higher dollar transactions, $75,000.00 and over, where the buyer and seller agree to hold the domain(s) in escrow while the buyer makes scheduled payments.
  • Domain Name Broker Service Similar to the Domain Name Escrow Service above but adds, and protects, a third party broker. The payment is held in a trust account until the entire transaction is complete. Buyers can be confident the domain will be registered in their name and Sellers and Brokers can be sure they'll be paid.

Through advocacy for clear rules and regulations, the ICA helps protect the investment made by any online business owner by helping provide a predictable business environment. Visit InternetCommerce.org for current information on ICA's activities as well as how to join and support the ICA, and follow the ICA's Twitter feed @ICADomains.

About Escrow.com

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