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7 Secrets to help you reduce risk in your online business

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7 Secrets to help you reduce risk in your online business

Starting an online business requires the same basics as a bricks-and-mortar store. You will need to plan your work well, ensure you have adequate funding, make your products available, and work hard. Starting online businesses come with various risks and setbacks, and you can start by thinking about some of the most popular ones. Hosting a business on eCommerce sites such as eBay and Etsy could be a place to begin. Understand you will be meeting your clients on your website, so it needs to be functional and not prone to downtime. Register your business name, and get down to work by finding the best services you can provide with the least problems. So if you’re serious about starting an online endeavour, try these steps on how to succeed in online business.

1. Establish the need you need to fill and fill it

Don’t make the mistake of offering a service or product before having a ready market - having one in mind will increase your chances of success. Try to find other people offering solutions to problems - the internet will show you this kind of market research is easy: Log into online platforms and see which kind of questions people ask, and what problems are bothering them the most. Use a keyword to research and find the words individuals are searching. Make sure you know the sites that offer competing solutions. Check what your potential competitors are doing to solve customer problems. By conducting this type of research, you can develop a product that will fill a need in the market.

2. Write appealing copy that will sell

Make sure you write or commission the best copy available, as customers will always respond to a better one if yours is not up to scratch. Use the formula below to develop appealing copy for your customers. This will entice them to try the product.

  • Use a compelling headline to attract customers
  • Clearly describe the problems your product solves
  • Make sure your credibility as a problem solver is trusted
  • Add testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Describe the product and its benefits to the potential user
  • Sell the product’s benefits
  • Offer a strong guarantee
  • Make sure you’ve created a need for the product
  • Ask the customer to buy

Throughout your entire copy, ensure you pay maximum attention on how the product can solve a certain problem of your prospective client. Your product should make your customers’ lives better, thus asking you to think in the line of a customer and ponder what the product can do for you.

3. Design a classic website and build it

Once you are sure your market and product are ready, you must design a small website for your business. Keep it as simple as possible, because every customer who visits your site decides quickly whether it is what they want. if you do not have something to off them, they won’t come back. Keep these few things in mind: If you have a white background, use plain fonts Ensure it is easy to navigate your page. If videos and graphics are high quality and improve your message, utilize them. Otherwise, stick to plain text and word art. Include an option for your clients to log on your website so you can see their email addresses. Make it easy to complete a purchase. The checkout should be clearly visible. Your website is your store – make it user friendly for the customer.

4. Make use of search engines to help clients find your website

Use pay-per-click, as it is an easy and convenient way to get customers to your new site. There are two main advantages - first, the ads for PPC show up on the main search pages immediately, and secondly, the PPC ads permit you to test various keywords, prices, approaches of selling, and headlines. You can use PPC ads to get traffic, but you can also use it to try and develop the highest traffic keywords. Placing keywords through your web pages helps your site rank higher.

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5. Develop an excellent reputation for your site and yourself

The internet is a trusted source of information for many people. Provide credible information without asking for money, and you will experience greater traffic to your site which will cause your search engine rankings to rise. The secret to providing free information is to always give a link after you offer a piece of information. Create free articles, expert content, videos, and other useful content that will interest people. Distribute your content on the internet through various social media sites and online directories. Include a link that prompts your reader to refer a friend, and make sure you are a frequent visitor to where your potential customers hang out. Engaging with them will ensure you find new readers, and every person that reposts your content will link back to your site. Search engines highlight links from sites that are relevant, so you can boost your ranking this way.

6. Turn your visitors into buyers through email marketing power

If you manage to develop an opt-in list, you have created a valuable asset for your online business. It means you have been given permission from your customers, friends, and subscribers to forward emails to them. This means:

  • You are providing something they have requested
  • You have managed to build relationships with your customers
  • You can measure the response adequately
  • It is reliable, cheaper, and more convenient to use email marketing. TV, radio, and print are far more expensive.

Any customer, visitor, or friend who opts into your site is an asset you should treat well. You can gain strong leads from the people who have opted in your website.

7. Use an escrow service to order your supplies payments

Ensuring your merchandise arrives on-time, undamaged and up to standard can be risky. An escrow service such as are designed can help provide safety to your purchases when paying for high value transactions. No money changes hands between the two parties until all terms and conditions of the sale have been met meaning that there is no risk to the buyer of not receiving their item.

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