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The Guide to Buying a Sony XZ Online

sony xz premium

Sony, the electronics giant, has established itself as a pioneer in offering innovative products, especially in the domain of smartphones, tablets, and related accessories. The waterproof and dustproof phones have become instantly famous for their durability and comfort. The latest in the smartphone department is packed with great features powered by Android. Sony initially launched the Xperia range of phones with Windows OS, but now the company has adapted to the Android platform, and garnered a wider customer base.

Sony Xperia XZ: The Best Sony Smartphone Ever?

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium smartphone is the latest and most advanced product by the brand so far. Launched in February this year and already a dominant product in its category, the device scores well both in looks and substance. It’s easy to say it’s one of the best smartphones currently on the market. The phone is loaded with features never before seen in previous Sony devices. The cutting-edge camera in the Xperia XZ Premium phone is the best available. The Motion Eye feature captures details the human eye fails to notice. The design of the phone incorporates the 4K HDR display with intelligent attributes. In Sony’s own words, it is by far their most groundbreaking product to date.

Sony’s Cutting-edge Technology Backs the Xperia XZ Premium

It brings forth cutting-edge technology in its camera. The high-end features of the phone make for the ability to capture excellent pictures, even in low light. It has collaborated with Cyber-shot cameras to produce this ability, and the Exmor RS backs the available pixels with a better lens, that provides clearer and sharper images. If photography is an indispensable feature of your phone use, then the Xperia XZ Premium is the best option for you.

The 4K HDR Display, a Bold Move by Sony

Sony has pushed the boundaries in phone design with the 4K HDR display in this device. This is the technology you can find in Sony Bravia televisions. The colors and clarity in viewing the XZ Premium are unmatched by any other phone on the market. If high-grade videos feature as your criteria for buying a phone, this device has surpassed the current benchmarks in the smartphone realm.

Super-Fast Web Browsing Experience Realized

This phone is highly recommended for you if you have access to Amazon Prime Video. The phone allows you to engage in 4K HDR content while on the move. The display is of the highest quality, and the service from Amazon makes for a great combination. Another criterion you might like while deciding on this phone is its ability to withstand damage when brought into contact with water. The water-resistant feature makes it safe for use even in the rain. The dust-proof feature lets the phone to have a greater life span, keeping the hardware protected. The gorilla glass 5 makes it highly durable. It is a great pick for outdoor use with its strong design and attributes. Another thing you must check is the high-quality sound this phone is built to offer. The phone is made in a manner that preserves the clarity and beauty of music, and lets the listener experience flawless sound.

Things to Consider When Buying the Xperia XZ Premium

When purchasing any phone, the competency of the core processor is vital. The inside of the XZ Premium comes loaded and packed with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor It will be worth testing the super-fast browsing this phone allows for. Streaming videos lag-free is another area where you get more than your money’s worth - the Xperia comes with 1Gbps download speed, one of the fastest smartphones on the market. And if you and your phone are inseparable, this phone has the ability to identify and learn your usage behavior. It can determine the pattern of your battery usage on your most used applications. The gaming platform is more than adequately supported with the features this phone has to offer.

Value for Money

There is no doubt the Sony XZ Premium is unmatched in many of the features it offers. But what about the price tag? At a release price of US799, it is pricier than some of the lower range smartphones available. However, its brilliant design and functionality - and the processor it comes with - makes this device a great buy. The price is both competitive and justified.

When buying any phone, there are certain points to take into consideration. With regards to the XZ Premium, it is a good option to buy it on Amazon. It is available with a one-day free delivery for prime members, and is guaranteed of authenticity and quality. Other sites authorized by Sony have made it available as well. If you buy it from anywhere else, ensure you pick safe and secure channels, such as You can then be sure of a safe and secure transaction without the worry of fraud.

While buying the Sony XZ Premium online, it is important you read and understand the features and attributes this phone has on offer. The camera and the quality images it produces are proof enough of the advanced technology used in its creation. The 19-mega pixel rear camera and the 13-mega pixel front camera show the images the phone is capable of generating. The device is approximately 191gm and maybe a little heavier than presently available counterparts. This may seem bulky to you if you have not already factored in the weight. The phone accepts dual nano SIMS with 3G and 4G support. Opt for it only if you prefer Chrome to other browsers you’ll find in competitor’s phones. The XZ Premium has a 5.46 inch display, which is bigger than most smartphones. It offers a huge expandable memory at 256 GB, which is a clear bonus for anyone wanting a quality smartphone with ample room to experience all its features and capabilities.

The Verdict

The device is an excellent piece of work by any standard, and Sony have set the benchmark high with the XZ Premium. The capabilities that this phone comes with are superb and advanced - but as a customer, it is important to factor your needs when making a purchase. When it comes to price, this smartphone is well worth the money. From the design, to the processor, to the overall performance, the Sony XZ Premium has bettered its predecessors in every department - often by a large margin. It even comes with high quality accessories - check out the class and durability of the headphones.


In the end, buying any smartphone online can be risky. If you do buy a second-hand phone online, consider using a third party escrow service service such as An escrow service is designed to provide complete safety to buyers when paying for high value transactions such as horses. No money changes hands between the two parties until all terms and conditions of the sale have been met meaning that there is no risk to the buyer of not receiving their item.

This means if you are buying a Sony XZ Premium online, you get a chance to try it out before the payment is released to the seller and if it is not up to scratch, you can send it back to the seller and get your money back.

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