is a leading online destination that helps car shoppers and owners navigate every turn of car ownership. A pioneer in automotive classifieds, the company has evolved into one of the largest digital automotive platforms, connecting consumers with local dealers across the country anytime, anywhere. Through trusted expert content, on-the-lot mobile app features, millions of new and used vehicle listings, a comprehensive set of research tools and the largest database of consumer reviews in the industry, helps shoppers buy, sell and service their vehicles. has partnered with to help you buy or sell your car safely and securely.

How We Work Together

  1. Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms - The seller creates the transaction by clicking through to the site from The seller registers and fills in transaction terms such as the year, make, model, price, VIN, inspection period, and who pays the escrow fee. The buyer is invited to register and agree to the transaction at Once the buyer agrees, they are prompted to make payment.
  2. The Buyer Pays - The Buyer submits payment by selecting wire transfer and requesting their bank wire the funds to Buyer's can call at 888-511-8600 with any questions. In transactions with a Title Collection or Lien Holder Payoff upgrade, once the payment has been verified the seller is contacted to confirm and collect title and/or lien payoff information.
  3. The Seller Ships or Delivers the Vehicle - Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorized to ship or deliver the vehicle. verifies that the Buyer receives the vehicle.
  4. Buyer Inspects and Accepts - The Buyer has a set number of days to inspect the vehicle and the option to accept or reject the vehicle. For more information, FAQs - Return Questions.
  5. The Seller is Paid by - pays the lien holder if applicable and any balance is sent to the Seller by ACH or wire transfer. If the title is being held in escrow, the title is sent via courier to the buyer. The transaction is complete.

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