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Goods and Services Protects

Goods and Services Not Protected protects a wide range of goods and services. However, does not safeguard transactions we believe may violate the law.

We also do not protect the following goods and services:
  • Munitions
  • Firearms
  • Gambling
  • Timeshare ownership (subject to’s discretion)
  • Currencies (including digital)
  • Bulk social media account sales (transactions with stand-alone accounts are protected)
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol

Domain Escrow protects the sale and purchase of domain names, and, to this end, we provide several services such as Domain Concierge Services, domain name holding, and websites.

Sometimes, an individual may own a particular domain name that would be valuable to your company, and they offer it at a higher price than what a hosting or domain service would charge. You might decide the investment is worth it. requires the Seller to provide access to the domain name by handing over the username, password, and authorization code, if applicable.

While the Buyer and Seller can handle the domain name transfer, provides an alternative option. offers a Domain Concierge Service, which involves the Seller transferring the domain name to Once we’ve checked and confirmed everything is in, we will release the domain name to the Buyer and the funds to the Seller.

Vehicle Escrow

When using our service to purchase a vehicle online, the Buyer has an Inspection Period of up to 30 days to have the vehicle checked out and tested by a mechanic. Furthermore, the Seller knows that, in the meantime, the funds are available and fully protected. makes things even easier to complete vehicle transactions by providing additional services such as a Lienholder Payoff Service, a Title Collection Service, and a Swap a Lease Service.

With the payoff service, confirms the value, and ensures the lien is paid off. The Title Collection Service involves the Seller forwarding the title to We inspect it and send it to the Buyer once we can confirm everything is in order. can also help with swap-a-lease transactions, ensuring that the Buyer has the opportunity to inspect the vehicle and receives the necessary signed paperwork while protecting the funds for the Seller.

General Merchandise Escrow provides you with peace of mind when buying or selling merchandise online. Conducting online transactions for expensive items, ranging from computers to luxury goods, can be risky, which is where comes in.

The Buyer sends the payment to Once we receive the funds, we inform the Seller they can send the goods to the Buyer. When the Buyer receives the goods and provides approval, releases the funds to the Seller.

The Buyer knows they will receive the goods and can inspect them to ensure they align with what the Seller promised. The Seller knows the funds are available, and will release payment upon completing the transaction’s terms and conditions.

Milestone Escrow

Occasionally, transactions must be completed in stages, which is why offers a milestone service. Remodeling a kitchen or getting a website built are examples of situations where the Buyer and Seller might agree to multiple payments, dependent on completing various phases of the project, the balance to be released upon completion and approval of the work.

Using’s milestone service, the Buyer and Seller can lay out terms and conditions, providing both parties with peace of mind that the work will be completed and the funds will be received as promised.

Broker Escrow

Brokers work with for the tailored broker services we provide, including three-party transaction solutions. Using our service, all parties involved are equally protected, ensuring the Buyer, the Seller, and the Broker can enjoy complete peace of mind.

The Buyer can be confident that the Seller will fulfill the terms and conditions of the agreement. On the other hand, the Seller is assured that the funds are protected, and they will receive payment upon completion of their obligations.

The Broker can open, manage, and close the transaction privately and securely, making the process convenient and safe for all parties involved. Furthermore, the Broker is certain to receive their fee upon completion of the transaction.

IPv4 Escrow

Purchasing an IPv4 block online can be problematic when dealing with unknown parties. Without the help of a fully licensed escrow service like, you risk of being scammed or defrauded.

Using to buy and sell IPv4 blocks ensures both the Buyer and Seller are protected.

By conducting the transaction through, the Buyer will be protected if the Seller cannot transfer the block if the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) deny the transfer. The Seller is also guaranteed to receive payment once the transfer is approved and completed.

PPE Escrow protects Buyers, Sellers, and Brokers involved in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) transactions.

The Buyer is protected because they are confident they will receive delivery and have the opportunity to approve or reject receipt of the goods if they don’t meet the promised quality. The Seller is also protected because they are guaranteed to receive payment upon fulfilling their obligations to the Buyer.

Art Escrow

Transacting high-value artwork online carries significant risk, especially when dealing with unknown persons. However, using, the Buyer, Seller, and Broker are equally protected from potential scams and fraudulent transactions.

Getting started with is quick and easy, even if it’s the first time you’ve used our service.

Set up a transaction, outline the terms and conditions, and will ensure they are fulfilled, guaranteeing satisfaction among all parties involved in the transaction.

Additional Escrow Services can help you conduct transactions involving most goods and/or services. If you are transacting expensive items or services with entities you don’t know, the peace of mind offers is priceless.

Our customers frequently use when purchasing from auction sites, classified ad sites, business-to-business e-commerce sites, and online merchants. We’re also their go-to solution when working with an unknown entity.

If you are uncertain whether we protect a particular item or service because it’s not listed, please contact support, and our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

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