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Disbursement Options to Sellers

Disbursement Methods can release the funds to the Sellers, using the following disbursement methods:

  1. Wire
  2. ACH

Wire Transfers distributes wire transfers to your bank, and wire transfers can be used for all transaction sizes. Wire transfers can take from one to five business days to process.

Banks typically charge a fee to send a wire, and the Seller is responsible for paying that disbursement fee.

The Seller’s bank details must have the same name or company name as the name or company name listed on their profile. We cannot disburse funds to a third party or to the institutions listed below.

Unsupported Wire Disbursements does not accept or disburse funds from the following countries/regions. cannot disburse funds to the following institutions:
  • Community Federal Savings Bank
  • Bank of Georgia
  • N26 (N26 does not accept wires nor ACHs from the US)
  • First Century Bank Disbursement Fees

All wire disbursements are subject to an additional fee by This is because many domestic and international banks charge fees both for sending wire transfers (outgoing) and receiving them (incoming).

View the table below to see your fee.

Outgoing Wire Transfers Fee
Domestic US and CA Wires 10 US or Canadian Dollars (USD/CAD)
International Wires 20 US or Canadian Dollars (USD/CAD)
EUR Wires 15 Euros (EUR)
Australian Dollar Wires 22 Australian Dollars (AUD)
United Kingdom 20 Pounds Sterling (GBP)

*Please note fees are subject to change due to a Seller’s bank’s local regulations. For example, The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) for Canada and The Goods & Services Tax (GST) tax for India.

Additional Fees allows you to send domestic and international wire transfers, but keep in mind that international transfers usually cost more as a result of additional fees.

When using an intermediary bank, you’ll need their support to process your wire transfer; however, an additional fee may be charged.


In order to avoid additional fees charged by wire transfers or your bank, ACH is available and free to all US customers.

However, ACH is only supported for banks in the USA and are processed and delivered either within a business day or in two to three business days.

If you need a faster transfer option, we recommend using a wire transfer.

Please note that this option is prohibited if the disbursement amount exceeds $500,000 USD.

Credit Card & Paypal does not accept Credit Card or Paypal as disbursement options.

Refunds to Buyers

In the event of a cancelled transaction or a partial refund to the Buyer, the Buyer's funds will be refunded back to the original source of the original payment method used to pay

For example:
  • If the Buyer paid for the transaction using PayPal, we would then refund the Buyer through PayPal.
  • If the Buyer paid us using a wire transfer, we would refund the funds back to the same bank account.

Please note that if we have received funds from an unsupported institution or country, the Buyer must provide us with an alternative supported bank account.

Non-refundable Fee’s fee is non-refundable if we have already processed the incoming payment and have approved the transaction details.

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