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What are the best practices when submitting a Proof of Address for a company?

  • A document submitted that shows that your company is legally incorporated. Most jurisdictions will have a database that shows the current active status of relevant businesses. We can also accept certificates from a Secretary of State or other Home Office authority.
  • Your company address must confirm the legal location of your business as shown on either a corporate register, governmental register, share register, or certificate of authorization. If you want to proceed with a transaction with an individual address, please see individual guidelines here.
  • The Escrow user must show that they are either a controlling member of a business or authorized to act on behalf of that business.
    • A controlling/primary member is: a director, shareholder, executive member
  • A letter of authorization is “a legal document that allows a third party (sometimes referred to as an agent) to act on behalf of the person writing the letter.”
  • The user that is a party to the Escrow transaction must confirm their association with the company. That is either through the corporate register (for an owner/director) or a letter of authorization signed by an owner/director.

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