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How do Sellers get paid?

In the five-step Escrow process, Sellers get paid when the Buyer confirms their acceptance of the goods/services. This is when the Buyer's inspection period (step 4) is completed.

Please take note, however, that upon creating the transaction or agreeing to the terms in the site (in step 1), Sellers will be prompted to select their preferred disbursement method for the transaction and add their bank details on their profile to help reduce possible delays. Sellers must complete the selection of disbursement in order for the transaction to proceed.

If after the Seller updates the transaction as “delivered” (step 3) but the Buyer remains unresponsive or fails to update the status from their account, the Seller may send the proof of transfer to that clearly shows the Seller no longer has possession of the merchandise and that the Buyer received the transaction items involved. (for more details on the inspection period, see here) Here are the Seller's options for getting their payment once Buyer accepts the merchandise and completes the inspection period as outlined in our Terms of Service:

Disbursement options and estimated processing times

Disbursement Method Estimated processing time
Domestic wire transfer (US / domestic bank account) 1 business day
International wire transfer (Non-US / international bank accounts) 3-5 business days
ACH (USD, bank is in US) 3 business days
Wise (USD, EUR & GBP only) 3-5 business days

Wire/Bank transfer fee varies by the currency and location of the Seller's bank account. Check the Fee Calculator page and the disbursement fees page for more details.

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