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How quickly are incoming payments processed?

The best way to have funds approved quickly is to ensure that the payment's sender information matches the Buyer's account details on their profile.

If you have a personal account in, you can use a personal bank account, credit card or PayPal that is under your legal name.

If you have a business/company account in, you can use a company bank account, credit card or PayPal under the legal company/business name.

Other instances where additional verification and/or proof of payment may be required:

  • there are discrepancies between the name of the Buyer involved in the transaction and the source of payment;
  • funds coming from a third party (e.g. a payment source that is not in your name or the name on the Escrow account) will usually require verification;
  • there are discrepancies between the name of the Seller and the disbursement details provided;
  • funds are still in transit and is waiting for the funds to arrive; or
  • further clarifications are required from the Buyer and Seller on what items are being transacted using

Please note that before can approve any incoming payment, all parties in the transaction should complete the required verification. For the Seller and Broker (if any), they must select a disbursement method for the transaction.

Estimated Processing time frames

Transfer processing times vary for each payment method. Bank fees may also vary depending on currency and location of the Buyer's bank account. Check the Fee Calculator page for details.

Wire Transfers: It depends upon your financial institution; some require a few hours or even a few days before they can wire funds. We process wire transfers throughout the business day once we have received the funds.

Credit Cards: Payments with credit cards are processed usually within one business day. If there’s a delay, it’s probably due to the required verifications mentioned above that are still pending.

PayPal: Payments received in's PayPal account are usually processed within one business day. Please note that not all PayPal payments are received instantly into our PayPal account. PayPal payments sent from a Buyer's bank account take four or more days to be received into's PayPal account.

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