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The Longines brand is credited with several heraldic moments in the timeline of watch making. In 1979 Longines held the world record for manufacturing the thinnest quartz watch, the Feuille d'Or, which had a thickness of just 1.98mm. Longines has been closely associated with aviation through the years and is usually the preferred choice for anyone looking to set and certify flight records. Legendary aviator Amelia Earhart can be seen sporting a Longines in numerous photographs. It was also a Longines watch that timed Charles Lindbergh’s first non-stop solo crossing of the North Atlantic in 1927.

Whether you are a long time Longines fan looking to add to your collection or a new admirer looking for your first Longines timepiece, the safest way to acquire one is by conducting your transaction through

What exactly does do?

The platforms serves as a neutral third-party arbitrator monitoring payments for two or more parties involved in any transaction. Buying or selling Longines watches through the platform adds an additional layer of security between the parties involved in the transaction.

How does work?

The process is simple. After the buyer selects their preferred Longines watch model and agrees to the price, both parties set out the terms and conditions that govern the transaction.

If the buyer is satisfied with the terms and conditions as well as the price of the watch, they then click through to the payment page to complete the payment.

On the payment page, the buyer chooses to use as the preferred payment gateway.

After completing the registration process, the buyer makes arrangements to fund their account with the amount equivalent to the price of the selected Longines watch.

When the funds are in place, the seller begins the transfer proceedings, which includes wrapping the watch with proper protective packaging and dispatching it through an insured courier service.

The buyer can track the progress of the delivery at any time through the status updates on their Escrow account.

Upon receiving the item, the buyer thoroughly assesses the watch to ensure that it is the right model and condition stated on the seller’s site. The buyer authorizes to release the funds to the seller only after they are fully satisfied with the item they have received. Buying and selling Longines watches through will give you peace of mind knowing that everything is sure to proceed safely and smoothly without any unpleasant experiences. Why wait another day to own one a Longines masterpiece?

Visit for your safe transaction today.

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