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International Watch Company (IWC) is a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer well-known for its range of pilot’s watches located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The Mark 11, originally designed for the Royal Air Force is the company’s most iconic pilot watch model. In 2007, another popular watch model, the TOP GUN, joined the brand’s impressive lineup of watches followed by the Miramar collection with their genuine military design. If you are an aviation enthusiast, owning an IWC watch is an absolute must. Thinking about buying or selling a IWC but worried about your financial security? Buying or selling IWC watches through a financial platform such as adds an extra layer of security to your transaction. What is offers services as a neutral third party that oversees online payments between two parties involved in any transaction. Whether you are buying or selling IWC watches, ensuring is your preferred gateway will protect the interests of both parties involved.

How works

Both parties come to an agreement – The buyer and seller finalize the price and agree on the terms that govern the deal.

Buyer chooses as the preferred payment platform – The buyer confirms the choice of timepiece by clicking the buy button and choosing as the preferred method of payment.

Buyer transfers money into account – There is a time limit within which the buyer must transfer sufficient funds into their account.

Funds are secured – When the funds come in, keeps it on hold till the transaction is completed.

Merchandise is delivered – The seller is notified when the funds are available in the account and they then start the transfer, packing and dispatching process.

Buyer receives and inspects the merchandise – The buyer can track the progress of the item from the time it leaves the warehouse. When they receive their watch they inspect it in detail to make sure it is the same model they paid for and that it is in the condition advertised.

Funds are released to seller – Upon ensuring that they are satisfied with the item that they’ve received, the buyer informs and authorizes them to transfer the funds into the seller’s account.

Buying or selling IWC watches through is 100% risk-free. The buyer does not have to worry about paying in advance and the seller does not have to worry about not receiving payment for the delivered goods. More importantly, neither buyer nor seller has to worry about their personal or financial details being compromised at any time. With, everybody’s details remain confidential and secure at all times. Visit today to see how you can buy and sell IWC watches in a safe and risk-free environment.

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