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How to Buy a Second-Hand E-Reader Online

There are many places you might want to go with your books, but the inconvenience of carrying heavy luggage was enough to discourage and disrupt your reading adventures. This issue has been solved permanently with the introduction of e-readers.

So if you want to embrace the convenience of an e-reader, you need to know where the best ones are available, along with how to buy an affordable and reliable one.

the amazon kindle is the king of e-readers

Different Types of E-Readers

First, we’ll discuss the various kinds of e-readers before learning about affordable options. Different companies have different brands of e-readers all with varying prices. One factor that determines the price of an e-reader is the features it is comprised of.

Amazon E-Readers

When it comes to e-readers, Amazon is the number one market place. They have a variety of models, but Amazon’s Kindle Fire is one of the most popular and widely used. There are a variety of models you can purchase from Amazon including starter e-readers like the Kindle Paper white, the Kindle Paperwhite 3G, and the Kindle 2012.

Barnes & Noble E-Readers

Barnes & Noble is another well-known brand that offers an e-reader. The name of their product is Nook, and it is a great e-reader that can rival any of Amazon's e-readers. Just like Amazon, the Nook has different designs, and the cost is a reflection of the features.

Barnes & Noble has won several awards for their Nook e-readers, one of which is the Editor's Choice award. It was also voted as the best less expensive eBook reader.

Sony E-Readers

Sony is another company that is involved in the production of e-readers. They produce an affordable, entry-level e-reader, but they are not top runners in the market. However, their products are decent and affordable, which makes them a brand worth taking into consideration.

Kobo E-Readers

This is the last on our list of different brands of e-readers. They are not as popular as the brands listed above, but Kobo is known for the production of mid-range e-readers that can compete with any of the brands on our list. Their e-book readers have the same necessary features you may find on other readers, and since this e-reader is mid-range, so is the price tag. This makes it a more affordable option than those at the top end of the spectrum.

Important Information You Need to Know When Choosing an Affordable E-Reader

The definition of an e-reader is that it is hardware for reading ebooks, but there are some factors we need to consider when getting one that is affordable and reliable. Below are some of the features to consider:


This is the number one thing to check before you spend your money on an e-reader. The majority of the e-readers come with a screen that has an E-ink display. This means the screen is similar, in most cases, to the white pages of a paperback book and uses black ink via the application of grayscale. Be aware that you may need light to read an e-reader, except for a reader that is designed with a front light or has a bright screen.


Most eBooks come in different files, and one form of these files is known as epub. Most ebook files also have Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection which is copyright that prohibits the owner from sharing the book.

Cross-Platform Syncing

This is another factor to consider when buying an e-reader. Many of the e-readers give you access to download their applications on other gadgets and allow you to use them to read your ebooks. For example, the Kindle is designed to have a syncing function that enables the reader to continue exactly where they stopped reading on any device, allowing you to switch between your eReader and phone seamlessly.

Hardware Consideration

It is advisable and important to consider the connectivity of your e-reader. Some of these devices have both Wi-Fi and 3G connections. Just like other mobile devices, 3G will enable you to stay connected when on the move, while Wi-Fi is accessible in certain locations that allow for wireless internet. An e-reader with 3G capability will come with additional cost, especially if you are on a data plan of some sort.

Note: Your e-reader does not need to be connected 24/7 to the internet; you can easily connect to purchase and download your next read and then disconnect to take it on the move with you.

Buying Books

When buying a book, you must ensure that you are connected to the internet. Kindle is a popular Amazon product, therefore it is easy and straightforward to buy books from Amazon.

However, there is a restriction by the Digital Rights Management which implies you cannot read the book on another platform, nor does it allow for local library borrowing. Other devices are more flexible in operation. For example, using Kobo allows for library borrowing and other types of files to be downloaded.

Before you make up your mind on deciding which e-reader is the most preferred one for your purposes, make sure you carry out extensive research on the downloadable book files and sharing parameters. This is a significant factor to consider when buying an e-reader.


You can save on costs by buying a second-hand e-reader but take note of the condition you are buying it. Used electronics range from 'new/unused' to 'for parts', and knowing upfront what you are paying for greatly informs the price point you should pay.

If you purchase it from a seller on the internet, however, you may not get an opportunity to inspect it before you pay. This means that you have no idea what the seller is shipping to you until it’s too late, exposing you to fraud and scams.

How to Buy a Secondhand E-Reader

There are many websites from which to purchase e-readers, such as Amazon, eBay, and Barnes & Noble. When buying a reader from any of these sites, ensure you use a third-party escrow service such as No money changes hands between the two parties until all terms and conditions of the sale have been met, meaning there is no risk of getting defrauded. If you are sent a faulty e-reader, simply send it back and you will receive your funds back in your account.

In Summary

With the rate of healthy competition from the different producers of e-readers, you can be sure to find an affordable and reliable reader that will serve its purpose. Some factors need to be considered before buying an affordable eBook reader, and reviewing this guide will give you the necessary information required to find the right one.

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